Rimbun Pita Haya Sdn Bhd: dragon fruits

Rimbun Pita Haya Sdn Bhd: dragon fruits. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays Malaysia is going to develop agricultural sector. So, government encourages all the Malaysians to involve in producing agricultural products. This is the reason why we choose to involve in Pitaya plantation. Our business will be operates in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. By operating our business in this area, it will reduce the unemployment rate in this area. In addition, there are not many people interested to involve in this business. It is because this business must have long and short term planning and have enough budgets also confident to build up and manage it to be come true with the proper plan.
However it also came with the risk in term to build up the company so we must prepared with other alternative to make sure we well ready to establish it. In other word, we must have experience and knowledge before we open any business like to go for training from the MARDI, MARA, FAMA and MITI. These agencies can help us in term of to giving us more explanation and advice how to handle the company more efficient and effective with proper goal, objectives, vision and mission. Therefore, looking for this opportunity we guaranteed that our business could obtain supporter especially for Bumiputra itself and the local people.
Rimbun Pita Haya Sdn. Bhd. is the name of our company is established on the 1st January 2009. Our company is involved in cultivation industry. This company operation is based on the production and supplying the dragon fruits to the customers. This company is different between other because we are more toward modem and have new technology in produces and packaging the product of cultivation business. Our target market is locally and through out Malaysia. This business is founded by five persons who are the partners of Rimbun Pita Haya Sdn. Bhd. The partners of this company are comprised of people with high skill of management and have a little experience in cultivation industry.
All the partner of this company is involving with the management and administration of the business operation. All the five partners hold the position of General Manager, Administrative Manager, Marketing Manager, Operational Manager and Financial Manager. The capital of the business is RM 95 366.00, which are from our partner, and loan from Maybank at RM100 000.00 . Our company hires one administrative clerk,one sale supervisor, a supervisor for operation with seven general workers and one account clerk. These people are responsible to carry out the duty assigned to them by shift.
In this Business Plan, it consists of Administration Plan, Marketing Plan, Operational Plan and the Financial Plan. In the Administration Plan, we provide the organizational chart to explain about the structure of the organization. It also includes the table of job designation and number of workers, job description, remuneration table and the list of office furniture,fixture and fittings. At the end of this part, we include the administrative budget.
In the Marketing Plan, the explanation about the services that we perform was provided and it also includes the target market and market size, the competitors to our company as a new entrepreneur in this field, the market share, sales forecast and marketing strategies. Then the marketing budget was included at the end of this part.
In the Operational Plan part, we show the entire flow chart of our operational process of dragon fruits. In this plan also, we have explain about the choices of location of our business project. We also include the operational budget and layout plan in the operational plan.
Finally, in the Financial Plan part, we state all the transaction accounts. It includes the Project Implementation Cost, Sources of Financing, Table of Depreciation, Loan Amortization Schedule, Hire Purchase Repayment Scheme, Cash Flow Pro-forma, Profit and Loss Pro-forma and the most important part is the Balance Sheet.

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