Ficus Moraceae Enterprise: mas cotek

Ficus Moraceae Enterprise: mas cotek. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Under the name of Ficus Moraceae Enterprise , we have 5 business partner, Nur Amirah Bt. Mohamad Pauzi, Norazean Bt. Sulaiman Dzadzuli, Nor Azian Bt. Abdul Rahim, Umu Humairah Bt. Zulkumain, and Nor Hayati Bt. Mohd Hussin have decided to involve in the agriculture industry and our main target is to supply the products of mas cotek or its scientific name ficus Moracaea. With the approval from all the business partners, we decided to locate our company and main office at LOT 3/24 Jalan Pengadang Baru, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. We also would like to commence our company on 1 January 2007.
Mas cotek or its botanical name as ‘Ficus Deltoidea’, is a wild plant and lodging in on other trees. This name of the plant also varies to some district, state or other countries. For examples, Sempit-sempit, is known in Sabah and Sarawak for its name Tabat Barito for Indonesian and Kangkaliban for African. Through the opinion and society’s view reputed that Mas cotek comprises of the male and female trees which could be identified through leaf-shaped and the seed. While, from its scientific side Mas Cotek is divided into hundreds of species. All parts of the plant can be use such as leaves, shoots and strips and also has its own value. Recently, mas cotek plantation have shown a good business potential and begin to attract the investors to involve in this field as it generate sales and promises higher profit.
There are many types of Mas Cotek. However, in Malaysia we only produce certain types of Mas Cotek which male trees are Delima Sudip, Delima Senduk, Delima Sudu and the types of
female trees are Serapat Angin, Telinga Beruk, Telinga Kera, and Telinga Gajah. This tree comes with own form of classification which their size, fruit size, body form and tree form of mas cotek. Under the label of our company, we will concentrate on producing mas cotek in form of tea Ficus Moraceae, coffee Ficus Moraceae, bio mas cafe Ficus Moraceae, herbal drink Ficus Moraceae, and oil Ficus Moraceae. We produce our product with 100% from mixed 7 species of tree mas cotek without contains flavour and preservative substances. Our product are really good for health and have their own nutritious that really good for our body, healthy problem and other.
High demand from the customer have become one of the major factor why we choose to involve in this business. Everyone want good healty to safe their body to do work and reduce their healthy problem The leaf looks golden in colour and it has black moles behind the leaf in every meeting to the veins where it provides nutrition to mankind. It also contains flavonoid and triterpenoid components which act as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition to that, it is believed that the Mas Cotek leaf can break fat and remove excessive cholesterol in blood channels and thus avoid practitioner from headache, migraine and stroke.
Water boiled for the leaf, stem, root and fruit of Mas Cotek is traditionally used to relieve waist ache, to reduce fatigue and most importantly it is to increase sexual desire for pair couple. It is also believed that it can react for male hormone stimulation to improve body endurance. The Mas Cotek Leaf can be cited and chewed when it is fresh.
That why we choose this plant because mas cotek have many nutritious not many people know its details. Beside that, we really interested with the ability of the plant to produce a lot of merchandise such as juice, capsule and cosmetic. Easy steps of plantation with simple maintenance requirement are also another reason why we select this business. Furthermore, Mas Cotek business is less competition compare to the another type of business.

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