Citronella Sdn Bhd: citronella leaf oil

Citronella Sdn Bhd: citronella leaf oil. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This business set up as agriculture business to cultivate citronella and extract oil from citronella leaf. It was prepared for various reasons include assessing the business venture objectively, critically and practically and also as guidelines for day to day business operation.
Name of our business is Citronella Sdn Bhd that provides oil extract from citronella leaf. Our business focuses to agriculture business because we cultivate citronella. Many products can produce base on citronella oil for example cosmetic and health product. After make a research, we know product base on citronella oil has high quality. The total capital we invest in this business is RM237, 720. We need the loan from BSN to cover our cost. We use this capital to rent building and the land to cultivate the citronella.
After make a forecast we will get the loss RM 113,427 for first year, we also will get loss RM 86,379 for second year and finally we get the profit RM 84,229 for third year. This project easy to handle and no need expensive equipment. From that we can gain more profit. We can get the profit after 8 month we cultivate the citronella and another one months we will send the Citronella leaf to Jerangau to produce the extraction oil of Citronella. We no need many worker to work with us, but during the cultivate process we need more part time worker to work with us.
To cultivate the citronella we need to alkaline the soil with GML, fertilizer the soil with NPK Green or organic fertilizer 4 times during the growth of citronella. After 8 month we will harvest the citronella leaf. Then, the leaf will send to factory at Jerangau, Terengganu.
After we have the extraction oil, we will sales this oil to the supplier that produce the finish product such as shampoo, soap and many more. This business has less competitor because this business market is still new.

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