BCB Self-Service Laundry: laundry service

BCB Self-Service Laundry: laundry service. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name for the company is BUKAN CUCIAN BIASA LAUNDRY. Our company is performance a laundry service which is our customer can wash their own clothes with a reasonable price per machine and at the same time, they also can dry their clothes without wash the clothes with other guest. So they no need to worries about their clothes.
We provide this type of laundry service because it is smart way and the fastest way to our customer to get the clothes clean. Within not less than 2 hours our customer can dry their clothes. They also no need to worry about weather anymore because they can go through to our laundry. Besides that, we also take laundry tender from any establishment such as hotel industry, police quarters and board school.
Our company has used an organizational structure based on functions which is Abdul Fatah b Abdul Razak as our General Manager, Shamsul Khairul Annuar as our Financial and Marketing Manager and Mohd Saro as our Operation and Administrative Manager. Our location of business at No.2 Taman Permint Indah, Jalan Paka, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu.
The laundry services industry profile of our company is self service. The self service concept was introduces in August 1997 when the government realize that concept of hanging cloths in front of the house is an eerie sight for the surrounding folks including foreigners. It happen when Tun Dr Mahathir see people still hanging their clothes to get it dry but it can give a bad image to country for foreigner. In addition, modem living requires more laundry business to be build, giving quality service with an economical prices and unique type of service. Washing machines and dryers are now fixtures in homes around the world. In some parts of the world, including the USA, Canada, and Switzerland, apartment buildings and dormitories often have laundry rooms, where residents share washing machines and dryers. Usually the machines are set to run only when coins in appropriate amounts are inserted in a coin slot. Those without home machines or access to laundry rooms must either wash their clothes by hand or visit a commercial Laundromat
The history of wash machine is came from technology was developed as a way to reduce the drudgery of this scrubbing and rubbing process, by providing an open basin or sealed container with paddles or fingers to automatically agitate the clothing. The earliest machines were often hand-operated but were built with the belief that the machine itself was faster and easier to operate than washing the clothing by hand directly. As electricity was not commonly available until at least 1930, these early machines were often operated by a low-speed single-cylinder hit and miss gasoline engine. Know a days , in new era of globalization there are so many type of wash machine that being develop. For example, In 2006, Sanyo introduced the first drum type washing machine with ‘Air Wash’ function. This washing machine uses only 50L of water in the recycle mode and in 2008, the University of Leeds created a washing machine that uses only a cup about 0.5 imperial pints 280 ml of water to carry out a full wash. The machine leaves clothes virtually dry, and uses less than 2 per cent of the water and energy otherwise used by a conventional machine. As such, it could save billions of litres of water each year
There are several factors that we selected the proposed business. Laundry is an industry that generating about $10 billion dollars revenue to its industry and investors in worldwide. In Japan, Laundry is a business that generating RM 1.9 billion a year and as for Singapore, laundry is generating SIN 50 million business a year. One of the factors is, in Dungun laundry does not have any massive progress lately, this because only 2 until 4 laundry shop in dungun are only involves in this industry. Secondly, we think this business can be profitable because if we look at segmentation, there are several group such as student UITM have 5,265 and 462 members of staff, of whom 234 are academic a:-T, POLITEKNIK, and SCHOOL OF SAINS DUNGUN. We also look in the potentials of this business because our laundry service is based on self service, so people like student will like to choose our product because it is fastest way dry their cloths with self service laundry. Lastly, another factor is season. In Terengganu, it has rain season at least for one and half month, so people in Dungun cannot dry their cloths within this season, and we believe they will consume our wash machine and dryer and Terengganu is the best place for holiday, so for who are outsiders really like to come to here to get clean their clothes.
We have future prospects for this business, we want expand more branches in Terengganu. Besides that we are also want to conquer the share market in Dungun so we can compete with other laundry. Hopefully our company can achieve the goal and target

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