Paiola Organic Corp: organic papaya

Paiola Organic Corp: organic papaya. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The production of the organic fruits in Malaysia is still new compare to others especially our local fruits papaya. We can introduce the organic papaya to the entire of the world. With these new finding we may increase our country revenue and it will make our nations name famous in the sector of agro culture.
In the other hands, since our lately prime minister from Tunku Abdul Rahman to the era of pak lah they always emphasize about these sector of agricultural. The slogan of “berbudi kepada tanah” always give you the spirits of achievement in order to runs the sector of agricultural. With the opportunity from the government and all other bodies we sure that we may take a good opportunity to realize our dream.
With all these we believe that we can gain a profit from producing the organic papaya. With the low costs of capital but the high profit we believe that we may success in producing the organic papaya. Producing organic panava has many advantages. It uses low cost of operation and maintenance. We use natural sources for our fertilizer. We get the natural sources from the local market like white onion, vinegar, ginger, salt water (sea), egg skin. All these material will be combined and mixed and will be a organic fertilizer. These are special about our papaya product. We don’t use any chemical poison for our papaya.
There are many advantages using the natural farming plantation. The organic product is high price in the market than the other product using chemical poison. It also good for our health because it don’t use any chemical poison. It also can low our cost in plantation and maintenance. We had apply for Malaysian Organic Scheme from Department Of Agriculture, Malaysia. This is for to give certificate that our plantation is truly organic plantation.

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