Frutas Cafe: healthy foods and drinks

Frutas Cafe: healthy foods and drinks. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Whenever it is about the businesses, there must be specific goals to be achieved. In order to meet the goals of a business, the entrepreneur must be able to know the efficient and effective business plan to running a business in a long term. In general, we are providing the information about our overall business plan which includes the administrative plan, marketing plan, operating plan and also the financial plan. By doing this method, we will be able to know our strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we also be able to recognise and aware of the consumers' wants and needs and also to their consumers behaviour. We introduced healthy foods and drinks to everybody. Our foods and drinks are made up of a fresh fruits which are the main ingredient of our products. It contains a lot of benefits to the people. We also give the best choices of foods and drinks to the customers to satisfy their needs and wants. At the same time, we are promoting the people to have a great and healthy lifestyle. Our product is meant for everybody. Everyone can consume our products either adults, teenagers or children .We want to meet our goals to maximise our profit by introducing our product to all people. Therefore we produce variety delicious foods and drinks to attract more people to buy our product. To be more successful, we are doing the best strategies to locate and sell our products as it will affect our performance in running a business to a long term and also to meet our objectives of a business. Our cafe location is at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport as it is has more potential buyers to our product. At the same time we are promoting our local fruits such as 'bambangan' to the foreigners.

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