Bee Mart: grocery store

Bee Mart: grocery store. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Our company is called Bee Mart, we are a trading company that provides people with
their everyday necessity. In short, people would know us as a grocery store. Although we are
Malaysian people, we name our company Bee Mart in English because it is more flourish and
we want to prove that we can compete with the other business in this country. We offers variety
product in our store which will give a lot of choice to our customer. Our company brings a new
concept in this state which we offers delivery service instead of the old fashion grocery shopping
where people need to go to the store to buy their needs. We choose to make this delivery
service since people nowadays are busy and would likely need to use our service. Our office is
located at D'Sulaman Square (Lot 8, Ground Floor, Taman Kingfisher Sulaman Ph 58,
D'Sulaman Square (UA Apartment), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 88450), and it is located in the same
place with our store to save cost of rent, in addition, it would be easier for us to run both at the
same time. We choose this site to open our store since it is near with residential area.
Moreover, there is a lot of surrounding IPT/IPTA near to our store. It would be much easier for
us to do marketing plan such as to promote our product or promotion.
Our prospect target customer is the Millennial Generation and dual income family. We
put our target on Millennial Generation since they are the types that really want something that
is easier and faster and we also target the dual income family since they came from a busy
family and have higher income which they would be interested to use our service.
We have conducted study based on the catchment area, customer's behavior and the
environment surrounding of our store. We realized that there is a lot of opportunity to make our
business successful and develop in the future.

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