Bubble G-Tea: bubble tea drinks

Bubble G-Tea: bubble tea drinks. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This business is based on partnership where it consist of three (3) members which hold important positions in the company such as general manager, Administration manager, and
Marketing manager. The business capital is amounted to RM 100, 000 where the total contribution of each member is Rm 50,000 where the total contribution of each member is Rm
35,000 and the rest Rm 15,000 is from Maybank's loan.
We came up with the idea, because all of our members drink green tea. We want to introduce the drink to a place where it has not been introduced yet. Our product is amazing
because it is a cold and refreshing drink that will fight off the hot Kota Kinabalu. Malaysia is hot all year round, having an average of 35 celcius. Therefore, we see potential that our business will succeed in Kota Kinabalu because the drink will refresh people from the heat. We want to make our customers feel happy and satisfy when they drink our green tea. That is why we came up with the idea that they get to pick whatever they want to put in tea. We have different flavors and toppings. Since we're introducing our product to Sabahan and they have no idea what it is, we have familiar flavors that they can get. We're going make the popular drinks in Kota Kinabalu into a bubble tea. Our product is affordable and worth. Our Product & Our Customers We know about the many different types of green tea, flavor, and types of drinks (slush, smoothie, etc.) available in the market. One of the most important things in business is that your customers should love what you're selling and to make
sure that their money is worth what they're buying. In order to do that and make our customers happy about our business, we decided to let our customers pick whatever they want to put to their drink. So we thought of this nice ordering process to order their drink. The process is pretty
simple. First, they need to pick of their base like fresh tea, milk tea, coffee, fresh milk and smoothies and then they'll choose if they want it cold or not, except for the smoothie. Second, they'll choose whatever flavor they want. Third, they'll choose a topping(s) like boba, pudding,
and jellies, if they want to. Last but not the least is they get to choose how sweet they want their bubble tea is. We are planning to buy the bubble tea and flavors, and advancing with our own ingredients later on in the process. The bubble tea will have unique flavors (cofee, strawberry,
chocolate, etc) and other drinks such as milk tea and thai-iced tea as well. Beside just Asian drinks, our store will also include soy bean milk (a milky drink that is gaining popularity in many countries). By including drinks already popular with the culture, we can build a steady base with
Sabahan who love soy bean milk. Hopefully, by this method, they will open up to the bubble drinks we have to offer. We want to first attract customers who we guarantee will support our business. I believe that our unique benefit is introducing foreign drinks into Kota Kinabalu. This
will give to the local people opportunities to try drinks they have never tasted before.

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