Estilo Propio Burrito: fast food

Estilo Propio Burrito: fast food. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our business is 'Estilo Propio Burrito' which mean 'Style your own Burrito'. Our company is located at Desa Ilmu Samarahan, The name of this company is come out from the imagination by the partnership members. It shows that how we positioning our product in customers mind until they can remember our company name. As for the business, we are providing a special and delicious food and drinks based on fast food. We also provide a comfortable cafe house concept and WIFI services for the customers enjoy their food while surfing and relaxing in our cafe. Our concept is also suitable with the campus way of life and office worker. We are starting the business with the total capital of RM3030. We have three managers for our company. We agreed that Athirah Binti Let as a General Managers and at the same time as Financial managers. As General Managers, she will responsible in planning, leading, controlling and organizing the business and as Financial Manager, she will preparing the budget and financial statement for expenses in our company. Next, our Marketing and Administration managers will be handled by Mariana Mersel. As Marketing managers, she will created the marketing plan for our business and as admin managers, she will responsible in planning arid arranging the remuneration schedule of salary and wages for our company. Last but not least, our operation managers will be handled by Noor Fairohannum Binti Japar, she will coordinate the operation of our company. Most of our target group is from family, students, young and adult from Samarahan area. This will give our company opportunity in giving our high quality services and give comfortable place as well as gaining profit.

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