Forks & Balls Co: meatballs

Forks & Balls Co: meatballs. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


We have decided to establish a company that we named as Forks & Balls Co. The type of our business is partnership. It consists of five members and each members hold their own position such as General Manager, Administration Manager, Operation Manager, Marketing Manager and Financial Manager. The business capital is RM 55,800. So, each member contribute RM 11,160 to start up this business. Our company is located at Mukah, Sarawak. So, our business is focusing on selling meatballs. Selling meatballs in Mukah town is a good opportunity for us as the competition is less and the demand is quite high. People tend to be attracted to new products that come in so we took this chance to bring meatballs to Mukah to satisfy the customers. Our meatballs comes with three different sauces that customer can choose to be drizzled on their meatballs. We promise the customer that they will get the best meatballs in town at the most reasonable price.

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