Issues in the hospitality industry in Malaysia

Issues in the hospitality industry in Malaysia. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 8 (8). pp. 620-627. ISSN 2222-6990 (2018)


In Malaysia, environmental issues such as water contamination, air pollution, waste disposal, climate change, global warming and deforestation have been occurring since a long time ago and these environmental issues are some of the most critical issues which have struck countries all over the world. All industries related to the environment have been and will continue to be affected if these issues are not eradicated as soon as possible. The hospitality industry is one of the industries that has directly affected the environment through its daily operations. In the hospitality industry, it is extremely important to minimize negative experiences gone through by the customer, since word of mouth usually spreads more quickly if it is related to a negative issue compared to that of a positive issue. Meta-analysis studies related to the hotel industry that have been conducted by previous researchers show that the studies related to green efforts, comprising a hotel's environmental record and environmentally friendly practices, have gradually increased year by year, but even then, the number is still less than other fields. This shows that the awareness among the community and researchers towards environmental preservation is increasing. However, due to the lack of studies exploring this environmental issue, this study was conducted to investigate the perception of customers on green practices and a green image in the non-green hotels in Malaysia. 11 participants were selected as respondents for a focus group discussion and three respondents were chosen for in-depth interviews. The results from the discussion shows that there are several needs and desires of the customer’s when the stay at a hotel and the results can be used as a guide for the hotel managements to improve and enhance their existing practices and also take into account the requirements of the customer.

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