Daar Bakanen Enterprise: fishery product

Daar Bakanen Enterprise: fishery product. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Our company’s name is Daar Bakanen Enterprise which was developed on 7th December 2016. The form of business is based on partnership that consists of four members and Daar Bakanen Enterprise is in the fishery industry. This is to show that our company would like to support the fishery industries and it is in order to help the sales of fishery product to be increase. Daar Bakanen Enterprise is located at Peti Surat 162, Jalan Boulevard Setiaraja Mukah, 96400, Mukah, Sarawak. All of the partners agreed to choose the location because the area is strategic to start a business. To support the statement, the location is located in town area and the potential for public to recognize the existence of the business is high. For the time being, the business only focus in Mukah area and this is to make it correlate with the objectives and mission of the business which our priority is to support the local industry and contribute to the local economy. However, we would like to expand our product to the worldwide market. There are few factors in selecting the proposed of the business. The first factor is because of the strategic location where Mukah is near to the center of Sarawak which is Miri and it will make us easier to find the main raw materials if we are out of the stock for prawn. We choose our main ingredient as a prawn because there is a small number of competitors that are using the same main ingredient as us. In terms of future prospect of the business, we hope that Daar Bakanen Enterprise will get to win a government contract where it will give a lot of benefit to us in earning more profit for our company. Moreover, our expectation for the business is that it can be a successful and be able to expand the market by exporting the product to other country.

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