Nato Taco: food cart

Nato Taco: food cart. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


It is prepared as a guideline’s entrepreneur similar business. An opportunity to them to assess the business venture objectively, critically and practically. To study and evaluate the feasibility of the business. To serve a customer with efficiency and effectiveness in term of product and services. Try to fulfill the customer wants and needs based on quality of product and services. To give a clear picture of each personnel duties and obligation. To encourage co-operation among staffs to achieve the target in the specific period of time. To give information of what privileges the employees get from our company. We choose Kuching Civic Centre as our business location because it is one of the strategic places for our business to operates. The location that we choose is one of the tourisms and famously known as place where many people selling and buying products. The reason we choose that location also is because of low rental per month and short distance to our own place. The rental there is RM200 per month and we will get our source of raw materials at shop lots at Matang which is only 8.2km from Kuching Civic Centre. As we choose food cart business, so it is easy for us to setup our business with our transportation facilities, car. In addition, Kuching Civic Centre will always be crowded with people around because the location is in the City of Kuching. For our basic amenities, we will need electrical and water for the process of making our product.

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