A comparison of students’ performance in gamification approach versus conventional approach of accounting teaching and learning

A comparison of students’ performance in gamification approach versus conventional approach of accounting teaching and learning. Advanced Science Letters, 23 (8). pp. 7733-7736. ISSN 1936-6612 (2007)


Today gamification approach has become increasingly popular in various fields of education. Gamification offers a great potential to promote and support the learning process by providing attractive, motivating and effective learning tools in order to achieve specific educational goals. So far studies have been conducted in various fields including sciences, mathematics, business and language, to examine the effectiveness of gamification in improving students’ performance. Nevertheless, little attention has been given in accounting education to the potential of gamification to enhance students’ performance when it is employed in the classroom. Learning accounting can be very tough and challenging for students especially when the subject is taught in a conventional way. To help students in understanding the underlying concepts of accounting and remembering the format of financial statements, the authors have proposed an accounting game, called “Accounting on the Block” (AOTB). This paper is aimed at demonstrating the effect of gamification approach of accounting teaching and learning on students’ performance as opposed to conventional approach. AOTB games were experimented in two accounting courses, Financial Accounting 2 (FAR160) and Financial and Management Accounting (ACC466) offered at one of the Higher Learning Institutions in Pahang during two academic sessions. The participants consisted of 32 students from FAR160 course and 54 students from ACC466 course. For each course, students were split into two groups: One group was taught with conventional lectures (control group) and the other group was taught using AOTB games (experimental group). The pre- and post-tests were conducted and recorded for both groups. The results of this study show that students who were exposed to the gamification performed better than the students who were taught via a conventional method.

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