Visual analytics: designing flexible filtering in parallel coordinate graph

Visual analytics: designing flexible filtering in parallel coordinate graph. Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 9 (5s). pp. 23-32. ISSN 1112-9867 (2017)


Data visualization is a technique of creating visual image to help users in speed understanding of big data. The visualization reveals hidden knowledge through data patterns and relationships. The process is known as visual analytics. Nevertheless, complex and huge data created visualization
that is congested and hardly reveal the data patterns. Thus, filtering is a technique that gives flexibility to users to control over the data view as such to focus only on interest part and hide others. However, most of the filtering is not studied in a structured manner. Thus, this research has designed a structured process for formulating filtering technique in a parallel coordinate graph since it is a widely used technique for visualizing multivariate data. With the process, flexible visual filtering presentations for parallel coordinate graph have been produced. The
finding support a wide range of visual analytics needs in parallel coordinated graph.

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Keywords: Data visualization, Visual analytics, Parallel coordinate graph, Data filtering
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