Tengkolok as a traditional malay work of art in Malaysia: an analysis of design

Tengkolok as a traditional malay work of art in Malaysia: an analysis of design. Journal Of Critical Reviews, 7 (19): 589. pp. 5141-5149. ISSN 2394-5125 (2020)


The tengkolok serves as a headdress for Malay men which have been made infamous by the royal families in their court. It is part of the formal attire or regalia prominent to a Sultan, King or the Yang DiPertuan Besar in Tanah Melayu states with a monarchy reign. As such, the tengkolok has been classified as a three-dimensional work of art. The objective of this research is to analyses the tengkolok as a magnificent piece of Malay art. This analysis is performed based on the available designs of the tengkolok derived from the Malay Sultanate in Malaysia. To illustrate this, the author uses a qualitative method of data collection in the form of writing. Results obtained showed that the tengkolok is a sublime creation of art by the Malays. This beauty is reflected in its variety of names and designs. The name and design of this headdress has proved that the Malays in Malaysia have a high degree of creativity in the creation of the tengkolok. Therefore, the tengkolok, as a work of art by the Malays has to be given special exposure and realization for the younger generation to appreciate, honour and preserve. Besides giving exposure, the Malay tengkolok should also be documented so that the Malay art will not be lost in today's modern fashion trends.

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