Human - the weakest link in cybersecurity

Human - the weakest link in cybersecurity. [Newspaper] (2021)


AS the Asia Pacific region collectively moves towards boosting economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic, and in line with the goals for digital transformation in a 5G era, it is increasingly crucial for all parties to come together to establish and promote common security standards, as well as build frameworks for risk management while advancing technology and economic development. "Standards are important. Certainly, when it comes to 5G, mechanisms like NESAS come into play. But more than that, we need to look into joint collaborations to share information and threat intelligence… bottom line is, it is a joint effort," said CyberSecurity Malaysia's Head of Industry Engagement and Collaboration, Mohamed Anwer Mohamed Yusoff during Huawei's virtual first of four Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Salon sessions in the 2021 Cyber Security Salons. At the Salon, the panellists also shared their views on cyber policies and best practices developed at both the industry and national level, in the spirit of regional collaboration. Among others, the Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS) was highlighted as a key mechanism to facilitate collaboration and form a unified cyber security standard.

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