Daylighting as a sustainable approach for high-rise office in tropics

Daylighting as a sustainable approach for high-rise office in tropics. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 8 (1). pp. 29-42. ISSN 1832-8505 (2013)


A high-rise building has always been categorised as a high-energy-consumption building type due to its dependency on artificial indoor environment. This paper investigates the potential of daylight utilisation in high-rise offices in tropical climate for sustainable development. A survey on 13 existing high-rise offices and field measurement in Johor Bahru, Malaysia was conducted. The result indicated the evidence of underuse of daylight, due to the glare and thermal problem, despite the high external daylight availability. Scaled physical model of a typical high-rise office was constructed and tested under various tropical sky conditions: intermediate sky with direct sunlight patch (DSLP), intermediate sky without DSLP and overcast sky. The finding proved that the effective daylighting depth in tropical sky can be as deep as 3.8 times height of the window from work plane (H). A proper control of the dynamic daylighting using shading device and window glazing was needed for effective use of daylight for energy saving and visual comfort

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Keywords: Field measurement, Scaled model, Shading device, Window glazing
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