Functional recovery of Distal Radius Fracture (DRF): a scoping review

Functional recovery of Distal Radius Fracture (DRF): a scoping review. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 17 (SUPP3). pp. 320-333. ISSN 2636-9346 (2021)


Distal Radius Fracture (DRF) affects an individual’s ability to perform daily activities. This article aimed to identify any existing gap in the knowledge of functional recovery following DRF and to identify key features or relevant factors to the concept of DRF functional recovery. This review was guided by PRISMA-Scoping review. Published articles between 2013 and October 2020 were retrieved from six databases includes; PubMed, CINAHL, ProQuest Central, MEDLINE (Ovid), Cochrane library and Scopus. Findings were summarised into domains of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). The quality of reviewed articles has been assessed using the Crowe Critical Appraisal Tool (CCAT). Twenty-two articles were included in the review with CCAT scores ranged between 70% and 90%. Recovery of body functions and structures takes approximately three to nine months, particularly for Range of Motion (ROM), grip strength and dexterity. Recovery in daily activities takes approximately three months to one year. In conclusion, determining the functional recovery pattern of DRF using a longitudinal study warrants further exploration.

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Keywords: Recovery of function, Hand function, Distal radius fracture, International classification of functioning, Hand therapy
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