Matchalicious Cookies: flavoured cookies

Matchalicious Cookies: flavoured cookies. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Matchalicious offers matcha flavored cookies for the customers, providing them with choices which are the original one, white chocolate chips and 2 stuffed with Nutella and marshmallow. We target our customers are going to be the kids, teenagers and also the adults. This is because cookies can be enjoyed by all ages. We provide cookies with health nutrition, low sugar and low calories. Our business also using online platform to reach our customers and allow the service of ‘Cash on Delivery’ (COD). It can provide convenience to our customers who do not have a vehicle to go to our store or anyone else who have difficulties reaching our business operations destination. The price strategy used in the business activity is value- based pricing. Value pricing is setting the price of a product or service according to the price that the customer willing to pay. In a short word it is also called as customer-focused pricing. Next, the distribution strategy practiced to handing out our products to the customers is done by two ways which are direct to customer and selling through retailers or agent. For promotion strategy, there are a few methods that we have applied to promote our products to the market. Firstly, we use social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for advertising. The method was chosen as one of the promotional strategies because it has a wide network. Hence, we are having a very comprehensive plan for our product. We will continue to innovate our product align with the consumers’ needs and ensuring that products will be able to compete globally.

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