D'Crave: bolu-bolu balls (pancake balls)

D'Crave: bolu-bolu balls (pancake balls). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


We offer a new line of creation of food called “BOLU-BOLU BALLS”. A bite size delicious, sweet and fluffy pancake balls. This "BOLU-BOLU BALLS’' are new and a hybrid creation between the ideas of a Takoyaki balls and a regular pancake. Normally, a pancake is eaten round shape and plat shape and usually eat on a plate and also you would need a fork and a knife to eat. But now, what we offer to our customers are a new thing for them to experience. We generated the idea of having the shape of a bite size pancakes for the convenience of our customers. As to catch the interest of our customers, we also offer a variety line of condiment for our customers to choose like marshmallow, chocolates and usually when we eat pancakes, honey also one of the condiments. Our business is based in Miri, Sarawak and the reason why we have chosen such location because that location are beside the beach area and plus the location also located near to the city. The area that we open our establishment are one of the tourist attractions places, so this would give the advantages for our establishment to increase our profit and promote our line of production for them. In marketing efforts, our business also practices the 4P’s, a marketing mix strategy. Firstly, Pricing strategy to penetrate the market. This can be illustrating in the Product Life Cycle Theory’, in maturity stage od our product we use the pricing of RM5 per unit. For product, we offer tangible product. As in packaging wise, we use packaging that is easy for the customers to move along. Next, for our promotion strategy of advertisement, we use banners, and in terms of online advertisement, we also take the advantages of using the internet connection. Advertisement like promote through WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram are been used to further promote our product. Thus, we have a very comprehensive plan for our product, and it will continue to innovate our product so it aligns with the customers’ demands and ensuring our product will able to reach the global market too. Furthermore, our establishment could also promote the new young entrepreneur to actively play their role in this Industrial movement of 5.0.

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