Potato Squad: jagaimo cream (creamy mashed potato)

Potato Squad: jagaimo cream (creamy mashed potato). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Jagaimo cream is a creamy mashed potato with an ice cream cone which it is extremely convenient for customer to have it on the go. Our product will be located in the middle of the Kuching city which is somewhere Kuching waterfront because there is a high demand. There also a thousand of people who love to eat mashed potato. The population is constantly increasing. Our business hours will be Monday to Sunday at 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm. We want people to know that mashed potato at potato squad not only for its customers but for the community as well. To make our company well known, we plan on doing as much advertising as possible. We also want people to realize the “Potato Squad” is a place with excellent customer service and quality products. We choose mashed potato as our main dish because it easy to bake and fast to serve. “Potato Squad” also plays important of roles is promoting healthy, fresh, and halal food. We will emphasize on the gravy. We only provide original and mushroom gravy. In order to start business of Jagaimo Cream, we came up with the food truck. We decided to do food truck due to making people saving their time and fuel to get us. We can be reached by using the technology for the update of our venue. We might provide chairs for approximately 10 persons around the truck.

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