The Crack: bune’s siau (chicken ball)

The Crack: bune’s siau (chicken ball). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Bune’s siau is one the product that we will market it with hope that it will fulfill customer demand and in the same time we can gain more profit. It is a kind of food which can be categorized as snack because we sell it in a small cup that consist 4 chicken balls. For information, Bune’s siau also known as chicken ball because of the round shape of it. Our company name are “The crack” which there are 4 members handling the business. Each person has their own roles in this organization. All the members agreed to choose Angelina Binti Dama as a General Manager and Administrative Manager. The other members that will assisting her are Maizatul Nur’ Aina Binti Ajus who take a role as Marketing Manager, Francisca Bulan Paul as a Operational Manager and the Financial Manager is Jessika Igat. Our business is located at Kuching Waterfront. We choose this location because of the strategic geographic whereby it easy the customer to purchase our product. Furthermore, Kuching Waterfront frequented by many group of people such as family and teenagers. Most of them like to spend their leisure time with their friends and family members at here. The objectives of our business are to meet the customer’s demand and gain profit from the sales. Based on our objective, it shows that we will do as well as possible to make customer like our product and purchase it too. All of entrepreneur have the same ambition like us which is gain profit for the sales. However, we cannot achieve that goal without customer’s purchasing. Customers is like a profit for us, if they does not purchase our product, we couldn’t raise our profit. Our Bune’s siau business will open every day except on Friday at 10 am till 8 pm. We decide to close on Friday because it will be the rest day for the workers after working for six days a week. For the information, we did not open order for delivery because our location near to the public place. So, we think that, there is no need to make a delivery service since people can approach us at our food truck located.

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