The new pathways for photojournalism students

The new pathways for photojournalism students. Project Report. New Era University College, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. (Submitted)


The revolution of Web and the grooming of digital media redefining changing practices and professionalism of photojournalism in the digital age, where photojournalism no longer just the marriage of the words and images(photos) that assume that the events are communicable in images at the beginning of 20th century before. It encourages a new form of teaching and learning structure that lead to a newer learning experience. This paper presents a new way of teaching domain to facilitate photojournalism in which the online component is used to crave new teaching objectives that can’t be achieve with traditional classroom setting, because of class time limitations and the nature of the module. In addition to the advancement of digital media that aimed at integrating a theoretical layer of visual literacy in a traditional practical in photojournalism, by engaging with various online resources throughout the practice activities. It also seeks to find out that the combination online theory that could be used to subsist with similar instructional challenges in other subject matter domains and reshaping a new path for photojournalism and to manoeuvre a greater level of authenticity in canons of photojournalism and also the real world relevancy for photojournalism students.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Keywords: Technology in education, Blended learning, Innovation in teaching, Photojournalism, Visual journalism
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Date Deposited: 02 Mar 2022 23:19
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