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No matter where we go, there will be a high possibility for crimes to happen. Women are always to be targeted as a victim as they are not as defensive as men. It is undeniable that there are certain women that have learned self defense materials such as Silat and Taekwondo but still they have to be extra careful with their surroundings especially if they are alone. Taking this situation as our responsibility, we came up with an idea to produce a safety alarm for adults specifically for women. This safety alarm may help women to get "emergency attention” when they are in danger. This safety alarm is only as small as a car key and will produce sound when the user presses the button. This will help the women to be safe or help as soon as possible by the people around the place and maybe the belongings of the women can be safe as well. Our products may have the pros and cons but we will try our best to keep renewing and updating our products in the future.

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