The Four Fighters Catering: ayam golek

The Four Fighters Catering: ayam golek. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


This company idea come from the one of our four fighters members. After that,this company we already planned before we finish our study and we want to try new things because some our team have experience about the food and beverages business. The product type that we produce were food and beverages which is AYAM GOLEK. This product were one of the top request in our country according to the suitable season which is mostly high request on the month of fasting. This product clearly got a lot of advantage to become one of the famous and capable item at the market placement. Ayam golek that we sold is currently are using fresh new ingredient and daily stock for the chicken were hygiene enough. All the ingredient were hand made by the staff that go through un der food handling. Targeting to be the most food company, we started to exploit a new brand a new brand taste for ayam golek that are not sold by others. Keeping on the track for the vision, this ayam golek from our company make a huge finance within.

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