To continue or not to continue the MOU, this should not be the question — Ong Kian Ming

To continue or not to continue the MOU, this should not be the question — Ong Kian Ming. [Newspaper] (2021)


To continue the MOU or not to continue the MOU, this should NOT be the question…

The year is 2024. It has been more than a year since the 15th General Election in Malaysia which took place in February 2023 just after the Chinese New Year Holidays and before the start of Ramadan. There has been NO DEFECTIONS of MPs or ADUNs since the anti-hopping law was passed in parliament in June 2022. Equal constituency allocations are given to all MPs in parliament regardless of whether they are part of the ruling coalition or in the opposition. The same practice is observed in all the states including Sabah and Sarawak. Both these factors reduce the incentives for MPs or ADUNs to change parties and political stability is more assured both at the federal and state levels.

In parliament, half of the special select committees are chaired by MPs from the opposition bench. The proceedings are streamed live for public viewing and for journalists to report on. The number of days for the parliamentary sittings has been increased so that there is enough time to debate the laws which are being passed. The 2nd chamber has been enhanced so that the debates at the committee stage of each parliamentary bill takes places here and more technical amendments can be proposed and deliberated before going back to the main chamber for the final reading. A Parliamentary Services Act was passed in the 2nd half of 2022 to create an independent parliamentary staff that is separate from the government service but with the same benefits including pension schemes. The research and outreach capabilities of parliament has been increased with more research programs and collaborations with local and foreign think tanks and universities. Each MP has also been allocated an additional budget to hire a full-time parliamentary researcher.

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