Doing a single person study in human computer interaction (HCI)

Doing a single person study in human computer interaction (HCI). Malaysian Journal of Computing, 1 (1). pp. 40-61. ISSN 2231-7473 (2010)


This paper presents how a single person study can be done in the field of Human Computer
Interaction (HCI). This single person study was explored using a participant observation method known as
Friendship Observation that utilises more personal data gathering tools such as diary studies, text messages and
personal emails. Since interpretation of the data was done based on the research-subject relationship, some
ethical issues related to the reliability, and validity of the data were raised. Despite this criticism, this type of
study can offer some potential benefits to HCI community such as a methodology for a user-centred design and
designing affective interaction.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Research-subject relationship, User-centred design
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