An optimal data access framework for telerehabilitation system

An optimal data access framework for telerehabilitation system. Journal of Advanced Computing Technology and Application (JACTA), 3 (1). pp. 26-38. ISSN 2672-7188 (2021)


In the telerehabilitation system, the statistical data of the patients’ movement are stored in the temporary storage and synchronised to the storage service of online cloud data. Application providers faced a problem in reducing the monetary cost of the whole cloud service and reducing the footprint of the main memory space. In addition, users encounter long latency when the required data need to be read from the cloud via the internet and the hard disk drive (HDD) of the cloud servers. To solve this problem, an optimal data access framework is presented to cache the statistical data of the patients in the application server. The main memory database and cache use internal tracking in the main memoryto track records that are not accessed by transferring the data to the disk. This mechanism retains the keys and all indexed fields of evicted records in the main memory which prevents potential memory space savings for the application that have many keysand secondary indexes. Therefore, to overcome the mentioned problems, the cloud database is categorised into three partitions (hot, warm, cold). In addition, a cache memory image in the application server is provided for the hot partition of the cloud database. The use of cache memory image reduces the number of reading operations from the cloud and saves the space of the main memory. The experimental results showed that the proposed framework can produce good quality solutions by utilising the main memoryspace and reducing the latency and read operationsfrom the cloud that lead to reducing the monetary costs

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