An online voting system using face recognition for campus election

An online voting system using face recognition for campus election. Journal of Advanced Computing Technology and Application (JACTA), 3 (1). pp. 39-46. ISSN 2672-7188 (2021)


Online voting has been implemented in various countries for different purposes. It helps to improve accessibility and efficiency to the voter and organizer. Student council election in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka has been using an electronic voting machine that is placed at the polling site. Students need to come to the polling station to cast their votes thus causing an accessibility issue. This project was aimed to develop a remote voting system for easier access during voting day that allows voters to cast their vote remotely that is convenient and helps to improve accessibility to the student. Trust is highly related to the voting mechanism as it should be free and fair. To increase trust in online voting a better authentication should be implemented. The inherence-based factor would be able to verify a person's characteristics, and they should be present at the moment of the verification process. This study implements facial recognition as a form of authentication to authenticate legitimate voters. Students and organizers would benefit from this system as it is remotely reachable, trusted, convenient, and reduces the time taken for the voting process.

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Keywords: Voting, Face-recognition, E-Voting, I-Voting, Authentication, AWS Rekognition
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