WASEEF Co.: bakery (PoPieo)

WASEEF Co.: bakery (PoPieo). [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


There is lack of bakery shop in Rembau, so we establish a bakery shop and launch our product called PoPieo. It is a mixture of banana and Oreo with rolling spring pastry and then it is fried in a pot. Our mission is to provide Rembau and local residents with an inexpensive price for the all the family in this area. We also sell a range of tasty cookies and cake. We really want to give consumers more satisfaction with our services and goods and to guarantee that they enjoy our products. Rembau is a rural region, but it continues to expand year after year. It has triggered a year-round spike in bakery demand, and we take this opportunity to sell our products to everyone in this area. Our marketing plan is to deliver an inexpensive dessert price to contend with other bakeries. It draws low- and middle-class families to our shop at an inexpensive price and purchases our products. We really intend to grow our market and make it known to the people of all ages. In addition to this, the standard of the goods must remain in excellent condition in order to guarantee the consumer retains faith in our product. As the number grows, the output can remain the same as it increases consumers. We believe that Waseef Co. would expand in the future because if Rembau provides more quality facilities, demand not only rises on each occasion, but it may also be a new regular snack. This would boost the revenue and profitability of our store.

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