Photography through the u-learning approach

Photography through the u-learning approach. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, SU18. pp. 204-214. ISSN 1823-4690 (2019)


The revolution of Web and the grooming of digital media redefining changing practices and professionalism of photography in the digital age and promoting the expansion of communicating photographs, which enable us to share our viewpoint based on photographs. It encourages a new form of teaching and learning structure that lead to a newer learning experience. This paper presents Ubiquitous learning or U-learning in which the online component is used to crave new teaching objectives that can’t be achieved with a traditional classroom setting, because of class time limitations and the nature of the module. In addition to the integration of high mobility into the learning environment for photography module with various online collaboration in campus, practice activities could be used to subsist with similar instructional challenges in other subject matter domains. This paper investigates the effectiveness of U-learning to manoeuvre a greater level of authenticity in canons of photography and also the real world relevancy for photography students. The result showed the U- Learning activities cultivate the kinds of “portable skills” to redesigned learning for students to progress to a higher level and allow for employment opportunities that provide the greater impact of their learning experience.

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