A study of road hazardsfaced by Malaysian school children using HIRARC

A study of road hazardsfaced by Malaysian school children using HIRARC. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 18 (2). pp. 10-17. ISSN 2590-3829 (2018)


Road transport is the movement of passengers or goods on the road. To date, issues concerning the safety of students and school institutions have continued to attract public attention. The recent spate of incidents inside and outside the school compound has brought the issue of children safety into our attention. These include the escalating number of road casualties. This study was conducted to observe road hazard outside the school compound and analyse the safety risks faced by school children by using the risk matrix. The risks are calculated to include likelihood and severity of hazard as identified in the Guideline of HIRARC 2008. The area selected was the East Coast state of Peninsular Malaysia, with over 111 schools randomly selected in Kelantan. Results were then analysed and six highlighted hazards were discussed. The results show that the main road posed the highest risk due to speeding vehicles. These vehicles failed to slow down when approaching the school area. The school administration must enhance the safety of the staff, students, and public while in the school area. In conclusion, road safety awareness must be in stilled among teachers, students, parents and road users alike

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