Cadastral survey practice in a multilayered 3D situation for future 3D cadastre system

Cadastral survey practice in a multilayered 3D situation for future 3D cadastre system. International Surveying Research Journal (ISrJ), 6 (2): 2. pp. 11-20. ISSN eISSN 2232-1306 (2016)


The existing Malaysian cadastral system is a two-dimensional (2D) parcel based and deals with property that
is located on the ground surface level only. However, in the near future, it is envisaged that a 2D cadastral
data may no longer be able to rightly serve the community and clearly prove that there are some restrictions
to facilitate unambiguous data representation, includes Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities (3D RRRS)
in 3-Dimensional geographical space. This is particularly true in some regions of large cities that are showing
increasing numbers of the modern and multi-level constructions comprising of buildings built on top of each
other as well as crossed boundary edges in real estate or property developments. At present, as far as land
registration is concerned, the legal status of overlapped properties and space by various interested parties is
becoming highly and urgently important entity, not only to identify who the owner is but also to indicate who
is responsible against the cadastral object especially in the case of accidents and damage.
The intent of this paper is to discuss the shortcomings on the existing cadastral practices within the 2D Cadastre
system in Malaysia and initiatives made towards a 3D Cadastre with emphasis on possible cadastral solutions
that would enable the registration of Rights, Responsibilities and Restrictions (RRRS) in 3D multilayered
situations cases. The paper begins by firstly introducing the current Malaysian cadastre system and highlights
the initiatives and steps undertaken towards a 3D Cadastre system in the future. The status and development
of cadastral system and practices elsewhere and their impact on current practices towards 3D cadastre
system are reviewed and documented. The few cases of multilayered situations in the context of Malaysian
scenario is emphasized and demonstrated. Finally, cadastral solutions for land parcels that are categorized
under multilayered situation emphasizing on the concept of formation of volumetric parcels are proposed and

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