Vegetation extraction with pixel based classification approach in urban park area

Vegetation extraction with pixel based classification approach in urban park area. Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, 19 (2). pp. 108-120. ISSN 0128-0945 (2021)


Information on urban vegetation and land use is critical for sustainable environmental management in cities. In general, urban vegetation is important for urban planning because it helps to maintain a balance between the natural environment and the built-up region. The assessment of the composition and configuration of the vegetation is important to highlight the urban ecosystem. Thus, obtaining information about urban vegetation is critical for developing a sustainable urban development strategy. Remote sensing is increasingly being used to generate such data for mapping and monitoring changes in urban vegetation. The aim of this study is to identify and classify vegetation using the high-resolution Pleiades satellite image in urban park areas using pixel-based image analysis. Pixel based method was applied and support vector machine algorithm was used for classification of urban vegetation. Comparison of accuracy was made from the error matrices, overall accuracy and kappa coefficient for vegetation and non-vegetation classes. The overall accuracy for the classification approach was 98.98% and a kappa value of 0.97. The result demonstrates the ability of high-resolution imagery to accurately extract urban vegetation despite the complex surface of the urban area. The findings can be used to support other research and applications related to urban green space monitoring, conservation, and future urban vegetation planning.

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Keywords: Urban vegetation, High resolution, Pixel-based classification and support vector machine, Remote sensing
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