Partnering for small-sized contractors in Malaysia

Partnering for small-sized contractors in Malaysia. Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ), 18 (1): 4. pp. 59-69. ISSN 1985-3807 (2016)


Partnering is one of effective procurement systems in the construction industry. Many large companies have been benefited from this procurement system. Yet, the related partnering research hardly focused on small-sized contractors. Hence, the objectives of this paper are (a) to ascertain the partnering concept, and (b) identify the problems and partnering effects as perceived by the small-sized contractors from the Malaysian’s perspective. Quantitative analysis was conducted based on forty sets of valid and responded questionnaires. The results show the partnering concept was well received among the contractors in the local industry. The respondents also perceived some positive effects from the partnering approach, such as knowledge sharing, technical know-how sharing, profit and losses sharing, efficient management, higher decision making skills and exchange of ideas from different thinking processes. The findings render insightful references to any small-sized construction organisations from both local and international contexts in their quest for the effective use of this procurement system.

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