Exploring the potential application of big data in the construction industry

Exploring the potential application of big data in the construction industry. Malaysian Construction Research Journal: RISM International Research Conference 2020, 9 (1): 19. pp. 228-236. ISSN 2590-4140 (2020)


Big Data is often described with five Vs characteristics: velocity, volume, variety, veracity, and value. Big Data analytics tools and techniques are arising in demand. The interest through Big Data increases day by day due to its opportunities in transforming most of the industries and business into an intelligent way of operating. Construction projects involve high volume of data exchange between different stakeholders, which are generated throughout the project’s life cycle. Such a huge and complex data set can be collected by smartphone, jobsite sensors and other mobile solutions; however, text data, sound data, image data, video data and sensor data captured are seldom being processed and analyzed adequately. This paper reviews published literature on methods and techniques of big data analytics and its possible applications in cost estimating, cost management, procurement management, site operative management, cost information etc. in the construction industry.

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