A case study on the building condition of elderly homes and its maintenance recommendations

A case study on the building condition of elderly homes and its maintenance recommendations. Malaysian Construction Research Journal: RISM International Research Conference 2020, 29 (3): 4. pp. 31-47. ISSN 2590-4140 (2019)


Creating flexible and comfortable homes contribute an environment that is conducive for active aging people to live. This indirectly leads to more productive ageing environment. One of the main issues for active ageing homes is inability to adapt in ecologically ways when condition change. Ageing people need homes that can sustain and enhance their quality of life and wellbeing. Unsatisfactory home conditions lead to needs of modification, which could effectively decrease difficulty in mobility and performing daily activities. It is therefore of paramount importance to evaluate the physical condition of active aging homes. This research aims to evaluate the condition of homes for elderly by case study approach. Building condition assessment was carried out on homes for the elderly. Two case studies were selected, and field study was carried out to investigate the existing condition of elderly homes. There were 71 defects found in Case Study A and 67 defects found in Case Study B. Based on CP BS101, the condition of the buildings in both case studies were rated fair and good. However, the findings proven that the current condition of the elderly homes is not convincing to meet the concept of active aging home. The finding of the research provides an insight to the maintenance personnel on the ways to maintain the homes for active aging community in order to create a quality aging life. The homes of aging community should be maintained in an optimal condition in order to create a conducive surrounding for them to live independently. The finding of this research attempts to improve the maintenance of active aging homes to create a better quality of life to the aging community.

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