Detecting and mapping of Langat river and its tributaries using remote sensing

Detecting and mapping of Langat river and its tributaries using remote sensing. Buletin Geospatial Sektor Awam, 1: 4. pp. 19-26. ISSN 1823-7762 (2008)


Rivers are precious living systems and it is important that these resources be protected to ensure continuous and safe utilization, both now and in future. Land denudation is perhaps the most basic culprit of all river pollutants. Agriculture, mining, industrial, urbanization and improper forest harvesting are major potential causes of degradation to the river system. Sound management of land use is fundamental both to preserve stable river ecosystem and control pollution. Satellite remote sensing data provides an economic and excellent starting point for mapping and monitoring our river system and their changes. Remote sensing data also act both as a base map and thematic map, which are useful for national and regional planning. This study was carried out to test the capability of Landsat TM to map the Langat River and
its tributaries as well as the surrounding areas in an attempt to extract vital information necessary for river management.This paper also describes how Landsat TM together with specific image processing method can be used for Langat River mapping and management of its surrounding watershed.

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