Green technology knowledge of workforce and empowerment in construction project

Green technology knowledge of workforce and empowerment in construction project. In: Advances In Civil Engineering And Science Technology. AIP Conference Proceedings 2020, 2020 (1). AIP Publishing, Penang, Malaysia, 020080-1-020080-7. ISBN 978-0-7354-1738-0 (2018)


The construction industry is one of the largest sectors responsible for high-energy consumption, solid waste generation, global greenhouse gas emission, environmental damage and resource depletion. However, there have been few
studies identifying the knowledge of green technology in the workforce empowerment in construction project especially in
Malaysia. The purpose of this study is to get the information about green technology among engineers, contractor and other organization that involved in the construction industry. To achieve the objective, a comprehensive literature review, questionnaire survey and interview have been made. The number of projects that involved in green technology and the improvement in the development of current green technology and building were investigated; and how green technology industries may contribute to the country’s economy were determined. Set of questionnaires were distributed among the stakeholders in the construction site and interview session have been conducted with the local authority in Selangor that who have knowledge in the green technology and the improvement of the development of green technology projects in Selangor and all over this country were discussed. Through a questionnaire survey with professionals with green building experience, the results first indicated that that green technology is widely understood by major industry players in the construction industry, but yet the implementation is not being carried out and the knowledge about them is not developing well. Research gaps are discussed with the directions for future research proposed. This study may serve as a valuable platform for both industry practitioners and researchers to appreciate green technology research developments.

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