Early town planning system of small towns in Perak

Early town planning system of small towns in Perak. Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, 16 (4). pp. 55-67. ISSN 1675-6215 (2018)


The township planning in Perak was affected post-signing of the Pangkor Treaty in 1874, as the state became the first state in Malaysian Peninsula intervened by the British. Introduction of grid system by the British has apparently affected the early layout of major cities such as Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Lumpur, George Town and Singapore. Thisstudy attempts to investigate the theory of town planning during the British era after noticing a knowledge gap in regard to early town planning system of small towns in Perak. Based on purposive sampling using varying topographies as the criterion of site selection, 10 out of 20 small towns in Perak were selected for data collection. The small towns were Kuala Kurau, Klian Intan, Bagan Datoh, Lumut, Parit, Tanjung Rambutan, Pusing, Sungkai, Padang Rengas and Lenggong. Besides measured drawings, interviewswere conducted with the locals and historical manuscripts of the research locale were also revisited. Based on comparative analysis, the study found that topographical factor was insignificant in influencing the early layout of small towns in Perak since linear system was used at different topographical background (riverside, coastal, hilly terrain and flatland areas). Moreover, location factor was found to be significant in terms of influencing the arrangement of early shophouse buildings into rows, whichinfluenced the early layout of small towns in Perak.

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