Principal submitting person (PSP) roles in delivery quality housing

Principal submitting person (PSP) roles in delivery quality housing. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 11 (5): 2. pp. 11-17. ISSN 1832-8505 (2017)


Professional architects are identified as a responsible profession for overseeing the entire housing projects development that resulting in the issuance of quality housing through Certificate Completion and Compliance (CCC). The appointed architects referred as Principal Submitting Person (PSP). The purpose of this paper is to identify the roles and responsibilities of PSP, in the hope that the quality housing delivery process can be improved through CCC method that was certified by PSP. This paper presents a conducted survey using questionnaires on respondents. Quantitative Data were obtained from respondents consisting of representatives from architectural firm throughout peninsular Malaysia. These quantitative methods were measured using numbers and analyzed using statistical. Data analysis showed six variables that need to be taken seriously for PSP to carry out their duties and roles accordingly to deliver quality housing. The six variables of PSP also have to follow the law and rules stated ensuring the service provide able to achieve the CCC goals comprehensively. However, the goals of the implementation of this method is achieved by CCC, appointed PSP to provide quality services to ensure that all processes, procedures and requirements are followed. All the six PSP roles and responsibility found to be significant to the effectiveness of the PSP under this CCC method. The success of quality housing certification is entirely depending on PSP whereby they need to play their roles as the responsible professional throughout the stage of project undertaken undoubted a result of building quality built and ensure the safety and comfort of building occupants. Thus by keeping the accountability as PSP and compiles with prescribed the roles are certainly the quality of their service is always maintained

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