The future use of underground space in Malaysia: a literature review

The future use of underground space in Malaysia: a literature review. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 7 (2). pp. 16-27. ISSN 1832-8505 (2012)


Today, more than half of the world population lives in urban areas and it is expected that this figure will grow rapidly to reach 85.9% in 2050. People will keep on migrating from inland to village, city, and metropolis and the number is increasing year by year. Cities are increasingly overcrowded and congested. The rapid developments in urban area to meet human needs are found to be inconsistent with the principle of sustainable development. Besides, space is highly demanded with great pressure especially for housing and infrastructure. This results in other problems such as greater traffic congestion, air pollution, and lack of green space for development. Due to these circumstances, the other consideration is using none other than going to the third dimension of city as a final frontier in urban development and possible path to sustainable urban form. In Malaysia, the use of underground space started with the establishment of shop lots below the Merdeka Square, sixteen years ago, then followed by Petronas Twin Towers, Light Rail Transit, Storm water Management and Road Tunnel (SMART), and the most recent is an ongoing project of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Looking on positively for the underground development for infrastructure, this paper attempts to review and discuss the present and future use of underground space in Malaysia. The paper also explores the potential planning and challenges of underground development. This is done by reviewing successful underground developments around the world in order to suggest the potential planning for underground space in Malaysia. The investigation attempts to address the possibility of developing a sustainable underground development in Malaysia as a step forward

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