Façade maintainability for mosques: a review for maintenance consideration

Façade maintainability for mosques: a review for maintenance consideration. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 11 (2): 3. pp. 21-24. ISSN 1832-8505 (2017)


In every type of building, maintenance always play a main role to make sure the building is in good condition and maintain its function for a long term. Unfortunately, the lack of concern towards building maintenance, especially the façade of building lead to difficult and costly maintenance. A majority of maintenance operation for building facade suffers from the lack of maintenance planning, access and routine. Façade is the key element of a building and it influences the comfort, safety and aesthetics of every building. Studies on mosque buildings in Malaysia have highlighted that lack of facade maintainability has caused a large financial impact on the building total maintenance cost. This study aims to investigate the effect of facade maintainability factors on mosque building maintenance operation that will provide information and recommendations that could be taken during design phase. At the same time, theoretical framework for a proposed study is presented in this paper. The establishment of maintainability factors which influence maintenance of building façade helps to intensify knowledge and understanding the importance of maintenance for every building design

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