A review of methods for estimating carbon sequestration at intensive green roofs

A review of methods for estimating carbon sequestration at intensive green roofs. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 13 (1). pp. 30-39. ISSN 1823-8505 (2019)


In addition to providing space for residents, intensive green roofs or rooftop gardens enhance a building’s aesthetic value and contribute towards its environmental performance. To deal with excessive carbon dioxide emissions, intensive green roofs have the potential to contribute through a carbon sequestration strategy with plants as one of its key components. The estimation of the carbon sequestered amount is significant, because it will be used as a benchmark to assess and optimize the potential of intensive green roofs for carbon sequestration. Researchers have used various methods to estimate the amount of carbon sequestration required whether it involves a single tree, plantation, forest, urban forest, or urban landscape. However, the methods used to estimate carbon sequestration has received relatively less attention from local researchers. Therefore, this review paper assesses the methods used for estimating carbon sequestration that can be adopted. A review of the literature on carbon sequestration estimation methods showed that the MyCREST carbon sequestration calculator is the most suitable method for estimating carbon sequestration due to its unique conditions for intensive green roofs.

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