Challenges in the implementation of zero waste concept in Johor Bahru city council

Challenges in the implementation of zero waste concept in Johor Bahru city council. International Journal of Real Estate Studies, 13 (1): 7. pp. 80-88. ISSN 1823-8505 (2019)


The Zero Waste Concept is an effective alternative to the management of solid waste that has been implemented in several developed countries to achieve sustainable development. This concept is applied to reducing solid waste generation that can minimize the depletion of natural resources, which in the meantime, to utilizing landfills as the last option in solid waste management. This study was conducted to identify the concept of zero waste used in the selected case study area. In addition, this study is to examine the challenges of the implementation of zero waste concept in the case study area. To in line with the focus of this study, the selected case study involved areas under the administration of Johor Bahru City Council, the local authority that administer most areas in Johor Bahru district. The respondents of this study comprised the representatives from Johor Bahru City Council, Solid Waste Management Corporation and SWM Environment. This study was conducted by interviewing five respondents consisting of Assistant Officer, Deputy Director, Senior Officer and Administration Division who are knowledgeable in managing solid waste in the country, thus responsible for sustainable development achievement. The collected data was analysed qualitatively using the descriptive technique. As a result, this study found there are four factors of challenges in implementing the zerowaste concept in the case study area namely management, financial, enforcement and social behaviour factors. This study can benefit those agencies in facing of challenges to implement the zero-waste concept so that this concept can be appropriately implemented. As such, several recommendations are made at the end of the study to ensure that the concept of zero waste can be implemented in Malaysia to assist the local authorities and other solid waste management agencies in improving their services in future.

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