Street network design, pattern and characteristics for Malaysian local town

Street network design, pattern and characteristics for Malaysian local town. Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, 18 (2): 17. pp. 193-205. ISSN 1675-6215 (2020)


A large number of local towns with compare to another type of town in Malaysia notifying the variety which required further identification to highlight a standard in planning on this town category. Hence, this paper aims to define the basic criteria for street network of Malaysia's local town. Pasir Puteh, Baling, Rembau and Pontian were selected based on the diversity of the street network structure develop from beginning to the modern era. The towns were mapped using land use data. This study employed comparative analysis to assess similarity and differences on the principles and term of street network system. The finding
suggests that local towns founded before independence retain the historical value of the street system built by the colonizer and new zone of local town is to serve the community rather than the administration. Thus, the research on how street network in local town influence vehicle or pedestrian movement is recommended.

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Keywords: Local town, street network, zoning characteristics, Streetscape
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