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Penilaian Pretasi Pelajar Mdab Yang Mengikuti Program Diploma Pengurusan Dan Teknologi Pejabat, Uitm Pahang: Satu Kajian Kes. GADING (Online) Journal for Social Sciences, 22. (2018)

Board size, chief risk officer and risk-taking in islamic banks: role of shariah supervisory board. Jurnal Pengurusan, 57. pp. 1-19. ISSN 0127-2713 (2019)

Measuring Information Skills among Malaysian Youth Students: An Instrument Development. Asian Social Science, 9 (16). (2013)

Human Resource Management Practices And Performance in Malaysian SME: A Proposed Conceptual Framework. Journal of Global Business and Social Entrepreneurship (GBSE), 4 (10). pp. 65-71. ISSN 2462-1714 (2018)

The relationship between business strategy and organizational culture to the performance of pharmaceutical retailers in Peninsular Malaysia: a pilot study. Journal of Technology and Operations Management, 15 (1). pp. 29-39. (2020)

The effect of human resource management practices on business performance among private companies in Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Management, 4 (6). pp. 65-72. ISSN 1833-8119 (2009)

Susur galur kerjaya dan cabaran seorang ahli statistik. Majalah Sains. ISSN 2682-8456 (2020)

Taking sustainability to the communities: a case study in Taman Medan Cahaya phase II, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Journal of BIMP-EAGA Regional Development, 1 (1). pp. 104-112. ISSN 2232-1055 (2015)

The profile of female labor force participation in Malaysia based on recursive partitioning analyses. Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (MJFAS), 17 (3). pp. 226-241. ISSN 2289-599X (2021)

Peranan Pemerintah Terhadap Precarious Work dalam Kalangan Nelayan Di Semporna, Sabah. MANU, 28. pp. 133-151. ISSN 2590-4086 (2018)

The influence of new syllabus and factors affecting student’s academic performance. GADING (Online) Journal of Social Sciences, 23 (2). (2020)


Effects of Primary Stakeholders’ Support on Expatriate Adjustment and Performance in Malaysia. Jurnal Pengurusan, 56. pp. 3-14. (2019)

The impact of Covid-19 movement control order on SMEs’ businesses and survival strategies. Geografia-Malaysian Journal of Society and Space, 16 (2). pp. 139-150. ISSN 2682-7727 (2020)

A study on college students’ inclination toward entrepreneurship in Sabah. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 8 (9). pp. 104-108. ISSN 2219-6021 (2017)

Management practice for small business survival: a qualitative evidence of rural micro-entrepreneur in Sabah, Malaysia. International Case Studies Journal, 6 (5). pp. 1-4. ISSN 2305-509X (2017)

Total quality management and the role of management accountants on organisational performance: the service sector in Malaysia. The Asian Journal of Business and Accounting (AJBA), 12 (2). pp. 147-178. ISSN 1985-4064 (2019)

The effects of culture on knowledge management practice: a qualitative case study of MSC status companies. Kajian Malaysia (Journal of Malaysian Studies), 24 (1 & 2). pp. 97-128. ISSN 0127-4082 (2006)

Tahap prestasi dan faktor mempengaruhi perniagaan usahawan asnaf dalam program bantuan jayadiri: satu analisis deskriptif. International Journal of Islamic Business, 5 (1). pp. 46-58. ISSN 0127-662X (2020)

Pekerja efektif dan kecekapan teknik firma pembuatan di Malaysia. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53 (2). pp. 185-197. ISSN 2716–6058 (2019)

The impact of Fintech on the sustainability of islamic accounting and finance education in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic, Social, Economics and Development, 1 (17). pp. 74-88. ISSN 0128-1755 (2019)

Proactive personality, human resource management practices, and job performance: a case of banking sector employees in Malaysia. Journal of Business & Economic Analysis (JBEA), 3 (1). pp. 5-29. ISSN 2618-0324 (2020)

The Role of Globalisation in Improving Human Development in Malaysia. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53 (2). pp. 227-234. ISSN 2716 – 6058 (2019)

Exploring safety culture and speeding among truck drivers: A study in Johor. GADING (Online) Journal for Social Sciences, 23 (01). (2020)

Saving Behavior in Emerging Country: The Role of Financial Knowledge, Parent Socialization and Peer Influence. GADING (Online) Journal for Social Sciences, 23 (01). (2020)

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Malaysian Food Retailing Industry: An Exploratory Study. International Academic Research Journal of Social Science (2): 1. pp. 66-72. (2016)

Economic literacy among students in Malaysia. Geografia-Malaysian Journal of Society and Space, 16 (3). pp. 45-57. ISSN 2682-7727 (2020)


Technical talk report of heart-count: optimizing performance for business sustainability in digital era. Jurutera Online: Additional Reports. (2022)

Female Labour Force and Child Abuse in Malaysia Using ARDL Approach. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 53 (1). pp. 27-33. ISSN 2716 – 6058 (2019)

Sustainable Human Resource Management Practices in the Malaysian Public Sector: An Exploratory Study. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 7 (4). ISSN 2222-6990 (2017)

Environmental Learning Factors and Employee Performance. Malaysian Journal of Business and Economics (MJBE), 3 (1). pp. 27-38. ISSN 2289-6856 (2017)

Impact Of Leadership Styles On Psychological Distress And Job Satisfaction Among Employees In Sabah. MANU, 27. pp. 169-184. ISSN 2590-4086 (2018)

Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Innovation: An Empirical Study in Malaysia. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 26 (4). ISSN 2157-8834 (2010)

Role of health and safety management practices in safety performance of Malaysian Bumiputera SMEs. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 12 (1). pp. 11-25. ISSN 2222-6990 (2022)

Hubungan Antara Pengurusan Sumber Manusia, Budaya Organisasi dan Prestasi Organisasi: Pemodelan Persamaan Struktur. International Journal of Management Studies (IJMS), 22 (1). pp. 97-112. ISSN 2180-2467 (2015)

Impact of innovative practices on business growth under the moderating impacts of culture – a conceptual model. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research (RIBER), 5 (2). pp. 28-46. ISSN 2304-1013 (2016)

Qualified technician, graduate technologist, certified technician, professional technologist – perspectives of a technical recruitment manager. Techies, 10. pp. 17-18. ISSN 0128-1313 (2020)

A case study of Organizational Behaviour and Resistance to changes in Malaysia’s Commercial Banking Industry. IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management:, 8 (1/2). pp. 24-34. ISSN 2180 -2327 (2017)

Entrepreneurship Project

The relationship between self-management and job performance among employee in UiTM Cawangan Pahang, Kampus Jengka. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


2017 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2017)

2018 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2018)

2019 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2019)

Anual report 2020 (Amcorp properities sdn bdn). Project Report. Amcorp properties berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2020)

Business and economic outlook 2019. Documentation. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2019)

Competency framework for chief financial officers (CFOs) in public interest entities. Manual. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2018)

Competency framework for finance function in public interest entities. Documentation. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2019)

Kenapa audit penting kepada PKS. Manual. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2016)

MIA digital technology blueprint - preparing the Malaysian accountancy profession for the digital world. Project Report. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2018)

Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad’s (MRCB): integrated annual report 2021. Documentation. Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad. (2021)

Job requirement in the public sector: soft skill among employee in the Nilai municipal council. Project Report. Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies. (Unpublished) (2016)

Conference or Workshop Item

Malaysia: Knowledge-Based (K-Based) economy era and the journey ahead. In: STSS 2004 : Prosiding Seminar Kebangsaan Sains Teknologi & Sains Sosial / Jilid 2 : Sains Sosial, 31 Mei – 1 Jun 2004, Hotel Vistana, Kuantan, Pahang. (Submitted) (2004)

Perkembangan kesatuan sekerja dalam pelbagai sektor di Sabah dari tahun 2016 sehingga 2019. In: Unspecified. (Submitted) (2019)

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) - the latest management fad? In: STSS 2004 : Prosiding Seminar Kebangsaan Sains Teknologi & Sains Sosial / Jilid 2 : Sains Sosial, 31 Mei – 1 Jun 2004, Hotel Vistana, Kuantan, Pahang. (Submitted) (2014)


UNSPECIFIED, ed. Guidelines for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control (HIRARC). Jabatan Kesihatan dan Keselamatan Pekerjaan, Putrajaya, Malaysia. ISBN 978-983-2014-62-1 (2008)

Aziz, Khairul Afzan Toolkit usahawan junior. Mustread Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 9789675426964 (2012)


Extrinsic factors that influence employee loyalty at Brahim’s sats foodservices. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Terengganu Dungun Campus. (2018)

The relationship between intrinsic motivation and internship work performance of hospitality interns at selected 5 star Langkawi hotels. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Terengganu Dungun Campus. (2018)

The relationship between attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK) with transformational leadership in oil and gas industry. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2014)

The relationship of leadership styles towards organizational commitment among employees: an emperical study at Perbadanan Memajukan Iktisad Negeri Terengganu (PMINT). Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2015)

The influence of leadership style on employee job satisfaction in Terengganu State Economic Development Corporation (TSEDC): the moderating effect of organizational support. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2014)


Perbankan islam - mengintegrasi wakaf dan zakat. [Video] (2015)

RM10 juta manfaat 3,000 pekerja industri kreatif. [Video] (2021)

Sistem pencen Malaysia ketiga terbaik Asia. [Video] (2021)

The importance of trust in a disruptive world. [Video] (2017)


5 kunci kebahagiaan di tempat kerja. [Phamplet] (2020)


Audit sole practitioners stepping up your game. [Website] (2018)

McDonald’s bakal jana 10,000 peluang pekerjaan baru untuk belia Malaysia. [Website] (Unpublished)

Cover story: 'Mara must be reviewed’. [Website] (2021)

Cover story: the way forward for MARA. [Website] (2021)


2022 will be Malaysia's year of recovery, says Muhyiddin. [Newspaper] (2022)

580,000 PMKS berisiko gulung tikar. [Newspaper] (2021)

600,000 job opportunities to be created under SME sector. [Newspaper] (2018)

AKPK sedia khidmat nasihat percuma kepada PKS. [Newspaper] (2021)

ARB upbeat on growth opportunities with rising adoption of new technology. [Newspaper] (2022)

Akauntan perlu guna teknologi terkini untuk kekal relevan. [Newspaper] (2019)

Alibaba Cloud buka pusat inovasi antarabangsa di Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2021)

Brands use social media to stay in touch with people. [Newspaper] (2020)

Cara menjadi pemimpin yang cekap. [Newspaper] (2019)

Continuous learning culture key to future-ready workforce. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

Dasar 4IR negara bantu Malaysia maju dalam ekosistem digitalisasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Effective human resource management now crucial. [Newspaper] (2014)

Empowering the Bumiputera community. [Newspaper] (2021)

Half of Malaysia's banking assets to be Islamic in next decade. [Newspaper] (2020)

Handling bosses who smoke in the office. [Newspaper] (2022)

It's never too late to start picking up digital marketing skills. [Newspaper] (2020)

Jaminan hari tua. [Newspaper] (2021)

Jualan sektor pembuatan naik 12.9 peratus pada Oktober. [Newspaper] (2022)

KPDNHEP, MKN bincang benarkan lebih banyak sektor perniagaan beroperasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kelulusan segera pekerja asing kurangkan kesukaran perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2022)

Kerjasama sektor awam jana jualan RM1 bilion. [Newspaper] (2021)

Let employers negotiate salary reduction – SME Sabah. [Newspaper] (2020)

Lulusan Diploma Fisioterapi UniSZA rekod kadar kebolehpasaran 100 peratus. [Newspaper] (2022)

Malaysian banks shift priorities toward digitalisation and innovation for future growth: EY. [Newspaper] (2018)

Malaysian small businesses investing in technology, creating jobs. [Newspaper] (2018)

Maqis: Proxy firms can import frozen meat. [Newspaper] (2021)

Ministry works with entrepreneur to develop Mesej – Ewon. [Newspaper] (2019)

MoU to give skills training to students. [Newspaper] (2021)

Mydin serah sijil penghargaan kepada kakitangan lama berkhidmat, terbaik. [Newspaper] (2019)

NASTY Worldwide aims to be Malaysia's first 'unicorn' company. [Newspaper] (2021)

NST Leader: Modern markets should be the norm. [Newspaper] (2020)

No human resources emphasis in Sabah cabinet – employers. [Newspaper] (2018)

PM: 500,257 secure jobs through 27 govt initiatives. [Newspaper] (2021)

Perkeso yakin realisasikan 180,000 penempatan pekerjaan baharu. [Newspaper] (2021)

Petanda baik ekonomi kita. [Newspaper] (2021)

Preparing undergraduates for the workplace. [Newspaper] (2019)

Prudential appoints new CEO for life business in Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2021)

RM15 bln proposed investment projects approved in Sogip. [Newspaper] (2021)

RM2 bln silica processing investment at KKIP. [Newspaper] (2022)

RM20 mln to empower laid off workers, unemployed. [Newspaper] (2020)

Sabah Tourism trains rural folks on digital marketing. [Newspaper] (2022)

Sabah no longer haven for cheap labour – SEDIA. [Newspaper] (2014)

Sabah’s natural gas to be processed in Sipitang. [Newspaper] (2022)

State’s economic recovery benefits from Sabah Maju Jaya 1.0. [Newspaper] (2021)

Strategi ekonomi perniagaan jualan langsung patuh syariah. [Newspaper] (2022)

Suhaimi Ali dilantik jadi Pengarah CGC. [Newspaper] (2022)

TalentCorp, MARA Corp to develop human capital. [Newspaper] (2021)

Technology vital for SMEs to survive post-MCO, says SAP Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2020)

Ubah strategi perniagaan untuk berdaya saing. [Newspaper] (2021)

Usahawan perlu kuasai kemahiran digital. [Newspaper] (2022)

Wira Capital buka peluang kepada usahawan PKS kembang perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Persatuan perniagaan tak setuju, minta tangguh 2 tahun pengurangan waktu kerja. [Newspaper] (2022)

Legal system should not be undermined. [Newspaper] (2020)

Menjadikan tempat kerja selamat, sihat. [Newspaper] (2017)

Enam sektor permintaan tinggi peluang pekerjaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Tekanan di tempat kerja: Bagaimana untuk bertahan? [Newspaper] (2019)

Majikan perlu peka, tangani isu kesihatan mental pekerja. [Newspaper] (2020)

Rangka pendidikan Taylor’s persiap graduan tenaga kerja masa depan. [Newspaper] (2021)

#TECH: Cisco study shows hybrid work improves employee wellbeing. [Newspaper] (2022)

Conundrum over unpaid leave. [Newspaper] (2020)

Kepimpinan melalui teladan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Pendigitalan beri 'nyawa' kepada PKS. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

Malaysia catat kenaikan 300%. [Newspaper] (2021)

PLUS Malaysia beri bantuan tambahan kepada peniaga R&R. [Newspaper] (2021)

Innovation, creativity key drivers make students more employable in 21st century. [Newspaper] (2016)

Laws and ordinances ensure expediency. [Newspaper] (2021)

Knowing how to manage money will lessen financial anxiety. [Newspaper] (2020)

Mendepani landskap pekerjaan di masa hadapan. [Newspaper] (2021)

'Compel insurance firms to cover Covid-19 treatment'. [Newspaper] (2021)

E-wages system to monitor salary payments by employers. [Newspaper] (2021)

UNI-MLC urges govt to introduce non-discrimination policy for employees. [Newspaper] (2022)

New arena for companies. [Newspaper] (2016)

5 kemahiran yang perlu dimiliki untuk kejayaan kerjaya. [Newspaper] (2019)

Insurance industry regulatory supervision must be supported by more experts: BNM governor. [Newspaper] (2017)

Teach young financial management. [Newspaper] (2020)

New system to tap creative, critical thinking among students. [Newspaper] (2020)

New law set to change how business is done. [Newspaper] (2015)

MONEY THOUGHTS: Retirement: My blueprint for financial freedom. [Newspaper] (2020)

Nilai jualan produk buatan Malaysia meningkat. [Newspaper] (2020)

Workplace bullying becoming more serious. [Newspaper] (2022)

Tambah operasi sektor perniagaan di Fasa 2 PPN. [Newspaper] (2021)

A smarter system. [Newspaper] (2018)

Tekanan di tempat kerja: Bagaimana untuk bertahan? [Newspaper] (2019)

Lower productivity, lack of contact are issues of concern for employer, employee. [Newspaper] (2020)

Many can't achieve the five levels in hierarchy of financial needs. [Newspaper] (2020)

Pasaran kerja kian mencabar tuntut graduan persiapkan diri. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kajian serba moden. [Newspaper] (2021)

BDR: MEF minta pertimbang insentif kepada majikan, pekerja. [Newspaper] (2021)

Farah Rosley dilantik ketua cukai Malaysia EY. [Newspaper] (2021)

Memperkasa modal insan kewangan Islam. [Newspaper] (2021)

Digital skills matter for future jobs. [Newspaper] (2021)

Putting the 'human' back in human resources. [Newspaper] (2019)

#TECH: tech industry sees positive impact from Budget 2021. [Newspaper] (2020)

Protect affected companies. [Newspaper] (2020)

Human Resources practitioners play a vital role today. [Newspaper] (2017)

Persekitaran digital cabar kepemimpinan wanita. [Newspaper] (2021)

The problem of unemployment during and after MCO. [Newspaper] (2019)

3 ciri utama perlu ada pada pemimpin. [Newspaper] (2016)

Belajar taktik, strategi berniaga warga asing. [Newspaper] (2020)

Skill shortages, job mismatch among workers must be remedied. [Newspaper] (2019)

Sabah needs to have direction, goals and new economic model – Musa. [Newspaper] (2018)

Government agencies go digital to improve operational efficiency and user productivity. [Newspaper] (2020)

More transparent and effective. [Newspaper] (2018)

Skills training still perceive negatively. [Newspaper] (2015)

Succession planning is vital for Malaysian family-run companies. [Newspaper] (2019)

7 rakan sekerja terima sarjana serentak. [Newspaper] (2021)

A stronger macroeconomy. [Newspaper]

Urus kewangan kerajaan berkesan tingkat akauntabiliti. [Newspaper] (2019)

Belanjawan 2023: Cuepacs mahu bonus sebulan gaji. [Newspaper] (2022)

Program Dmagia Use bantu orang ramai ceburi perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

SWCorp raikan pekerja pembersihan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Firma sekutu asing sumbang 17 peratus kepada ekonomi Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nilai 50 hartawan terkaya Malaysia melonjak. [Newspaper] (2021)

Program geran komuniti pacu pembangunan Presint Merdeka 118. [Newspaper] (2021)

7 juta lagi bakal hilang pekerjaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Retraining workers in the age of automation. [Newspaper] (2020)

Minimise stress by balancing emotions, work pressure. [Newspaper] (2020)

Usahawan muda boleh cipta pekerjaan baharu. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kepimpinan berkualiti resepi kejayaan organisasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kerjaya baru cef 5 bintang. [Newspaper] (2021)

Creating a healthy workplace. [Newspaper] (2018)

Digital innovation is pivotal to employment in the long run. [Newspaper] (2021)

Ahli perniagaan berjaya boleh bantu majukan peniaga kecil di Sarawak - Idris. [Newspaper] (2020)

Malaysian Bar: The country needs Covid-19 law. [Newspaper] (2020)

Language requirements just good business for the private sector. [Newspaper] (2019)

Pelaburan anuiti KWSP jaminan bekalan hari tua pencarum. [Newspaper] (2021)

Flex sedia penuhi pasaran global. [Newspaper] (2022)

Melahir pekerja cemerlang. [Newspaper] (2020)

Nurturing productive employees. [Newspaper] (2019)

Positive outlook for economy and digital job market. [Newspaper] (2021)

Insurance associations pledge RM8 million to Covid-19 test fund. [Newspaper] (2020)

Work Matters! A sense of togetherness. [Newspaper] (2020)

Work Matters! Personal reflections for work. [Newspaper] (2021)

HR Ministry gives MTUC, MEF tongue lashing over anti-industrial relations bill amendment claims. [Newspaper] (2019)

HR Ministry: Workers rights protection on par with int'l standards. [Newspaper] (2019)

Gudang robotik e-dagang pertama MR D.I.Y, pacu pertumbuhan syarikat. [Newspaper] (2021)

KAKIB teroka perniagaan farmasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Demand for soft skills in the workplace. [Newspaper] (2019)

Emerging job trends. [Newspaper] (2020)

MACC enforces corporate liability law today. [Newspaper] (2020)

Professional qualifications: careers to take into account. [Newspaper] (2014)

Dasar, pelan tindakan perkasa keupayaan wanita Pahang. [Newspaper] (2022)

Keselamatan, kesihatan di tempat kerja bukan isu remeh. [Newspaper] (2021)

Unimas guna Triz selesai masalah. [Newspaper] (2019)

What to look for in 2022. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kerajaan negeri meterai MoU bersama UiTM Cawangan Sabah bantu perkasa IKS Sabah. [Newspaper] (2021)

MYSay: Covid-19 calls for overhaul of HR, workplace practices and the need for chief health officers. [Newspaper] (2020)

Human Resources practitioners play a vital role today. [Newspaper] (2017)

Pekerja bermotivasi lonjak produktiviti. [Newspaper] (2019)

Sejuta perniagaan berisiko tutup. [Newspaper] (2021)

How to resolve govt communication weaknesses. [Newspaper] (2019)

ESG’s spotlight on local labour issues. [Newspaper] (2022)

Masalah biasa yang dihadapi organisasi dan cara mengatasinya. [Newspaper] (2018)

Boom in accounting, finance jobs. [Newspaper] (2014)

Wujudkan entiti khas bantu wanita bangkit pasca pandemik. [Newspaper] (2022)

Making the workplace 'human'. [Newspaper] (2016)

Memastikan survival usahawan desa. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

Era pandemik uji kepemimpinan organisasi. [Newspaper] (2020)

One-stop centre to help fill Sabah manpower gap. [Newspaper] (2015)

FUTURE PROOF: Teach yourself social media marketing. [Newspaper] (2020)

Refund refusal: New law to deal with businesses. [Newspaper] (2020)

CTOS to incorporate 'score' system to aid insurance companies with better risk-based information. [Newspaper] (2017)

Malaysia's GDP revised downward to 4.5 pct for 2020: World Bank. [Newspaper] (2019)

Insurance industry has huge growth in Malaysia: EPF. [Newspaper] (2019)

Permai relief package timely to address people's woes. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nilai semula model perniagaan hadapi cabaran luar jangka. [Newspaper] (2021)

PUNB bantu penganggur mulakan perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Shell Malaysia dipilih majikan paling menarik. [Newspaper] (2021)

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