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CORPORATE BRAND IMAGE OF ISLAMIC BANK IN MALAYSIA: ANTECEDENTS AND CONSEQUENCE. International Journal of Management Studies (IJMS), 27 (1). pp. 49-72. ISSN 2180-2467 (2020)

Business under Threat: The Criminal Liability of Trade Secret Theft in Malaysia? International Journal of Business and Society, 21. pp. 49-65. ISSN 1511-6670 (2020)

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A case study of Organizational Behaviour and Resistance to changes in Malaysia’s Commercial Banking Industry. IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management:, 8 (1/2). pp. 24-34. ISSN 2180 -2327 (2017)


2017 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2017)

2018 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2018)

2019 annual report Vizione Holdings Berhad. Project Report. Vizione Holdings Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2019)

AIRASIA Group Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Bursa Saham Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2020)

Amcorp properties berhad: annual report 2019. Project Report. Amcorp, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2019)

Annual Report 2021: real estate investment trust. Documentation. AmREIT Managers Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur. (2021)

Anual report 2020 (Amcorp properities sdn bdn). Project Report. Amcorp properties berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2020)

Business excellence guide for SMEs. Manual. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2020)

Business excellence guide for SMEs by Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Manual. Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2020)

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2020)

DRB-Hicom Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2020)

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Bursa Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2020)

GAMUDA, Committing to radikal change: annual report 2021. Documentation. Gamuda Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2021)

Gas Malaysia Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Gas Malaysia Berhad, Selangor. (2019)

Laporan bersepadu 2019 #membangun negara: mendukung kepercayaan, memupuk kemampanan profesion. Documentation. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2019)

Laporan bersepadu 2020 #membangun negara: memacu kemampanan melalui kepercayaan dan kerjasama. Documentation. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur. (2020)

Laporan tahunan 2019: persidangan negeri Pahang zon 3. Project Report. ANGKASACoop, Pahang. (2020)

Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad’s (MRCB): integrated annual report 2021. Documentation. Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad. (2021)

Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2020)

Nestlé Annual Review 2018. Project Report. Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (2018)

Pakej rangsangan ekonomi prihatin rakyat 2020 (PRIHATIN). Documentation. Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia, Putrajaya, Malaysia. (2020)

ZHULIAN Corporation Berhad: annual report 2019. Documentation. ZHULIAN Corporation Berhad, Penang. (2019)

Conference or Workshop Item

Malaysia: Knowledge-Based (K-Based) economy era and the journey ahead. In: STSS 2004 : Prosiding Seminar Kebangsaan Sains Teknologi & Sains Sosial / Jilid 2 : Sains Sosial, 31 Mei – 1 Jun 2004, Hotel Vistana, Kuantan, Pahang. (Submitted) (2004)

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) - the latest management fad? In: STSS 2004 : Prosiding Seminar Kebangsaan Sains Teknologi & Sains Sosial / Jilid 2 : Sains Sosial, 31 Mei – 1 Jun 2004, Hotel Vistana, Kuantan, Pahang. (Submitted) (2014)


UNSPECIFIED, ed. Guidelines for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control (HIRARC). Jabatan Kesihatan dan Keselamatan Pekerjaan, Putrajaya, Malaysia. ISBN 978-983-2014-62-1 (2008)

UNSPECIFIED, ed. Ministry of finance Malaysia: budget 2019. 2019 ed. Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 977-263-7019-00-7 (2018)

Abd Rahman, Abdul Razak and Yusof, Amir Alfatakh and Mohd Ariffin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noraini and Rosman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Romzie and Abdul Ghani, Dato’ Badlisyah and Abd Latif, Dr. Radziah and Yussof, Dr. Shelia Ainon and Rajagopal, Harun Kannan and Ahmed, Mezbah Uddin and Zailani, Nurul Hidayah and Sulaiman, Prof. Dr. Maliah and Ramli, Rasmimi Accounting for islamic finance. Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-11317-9-4 (2020)


A study on customers’ perception towards Celcom 3G services in Penang. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Pulau Pinang. (2006)

The relationship between attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK) with transformational leadership in oil and gas industry. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2014)

The relationship of leadership styles towards organizational commitment among employees: an emperical study at Perbadanan Memajukan Iktisad Negeri Terengganu (PMINT). Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2015)

The influence of leadership style on employee job satisfaction in Terengganu State Economic Development Corporation (TSEDC): the moderating effect of organizational support. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Cawangan Terengganu. (2014)

A study of customers satisfaction towards Avon’s cosmetic product. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Pulau Pinang. (2011)

A study on customer retention (repeat purchase) at Peladang Mart Sdn Bhd. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Pulau Pinang. (2012)

A study of customer satisfaction towards drive thru services at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Seberang Jaya outlet. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Pulau Pinang. (2013)

Factors that influences brand loyalty on sportswear. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Pulau Pinang. (2011)


Analisis pakej rangsangan ekonomi prihatin rakyat prihatin. [Video] (2020)

GERD 2025 dijangka 2.5 peratus KDNK. [Video] (2022)

Sistem pencen Malaysia ketiga terbaik Asia. [Video] (2021)

The importance of trust in a disruptive world. [Video] (2017)


Brochure of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). [Phamplet]


E-Board tingkat keberkesanan perniagaan digital. [Website]

Ubah strategi perniagaan untuk terus berdaya saing : pakar ekonomi. [Website]


2022 will be Malaysia's year of recovery, says Muhyiddin. [Newspaper] (2022)

66 PKS, syarikat peringkat pertengahan dapat SAG. [Newspaper] (2021)

AKPK sedia khidmat nasihat percuma kepada PKS. [Newspaper] (2021)

ARB upbeat on growth opportunities with rising adoption of new technology. [Newspaper] (2022)

AirAsia kemuka cadangan pulihkan sektor pelancongan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Akauntan perlu guna teknologi terkini untuk kekal relevan. [Newspaper] (2019)

Alibaba Cloud buka pusat inovasi antarabangsa di Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2021)

Alliance Bank jual perniagaan pembrokeran saham. [Newspaper] (2021)

Bantu peniaga kecil kembang perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Bantuan GKP, BPN kembangkan perniagaan usahawan biskut. [Newspaper] (2021)

Branded content way to effective marketing. [Newspaper] (2014)

Brands use social media to stay in touch with people. [Newspaper] (2020)

Continuous learning culture key to future-ready workforce. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

Corporate liability, digital tax among laws to be introduced. [Newspaper] (2019)

Dari kedai jahit, kini miliki pejabat urusan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Ekosistem internet Quinton Group wujud peluang pekerjaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Empowering the Bumiputera community. [Newspaper] (2021)

Essential financial services to remain accessible to households and businesses. [Newspaper] (2020)

Focus on economic development for Sabah under 12MP. [Newspaper] (2021)

FoodLab open to collaboration with foodpreneurs for stronger brand presence. [Newspaper] (2021)

Fund managers must prioritise investors' interests: SC. [Newspaper] (2020)

Gangguan berterusan jejas prospek ekonomi. [Newspaper] (2021)

HDC, Kihi jalin kerjasama strategik. [Newspaper] (2021)

Half of Malaysia's banking assets to be Islamic in next decade. [Newspaper] (2020)

IBE-UiTM, Bank Islam outcome-based training partnership. [Newspaper] (2021)

Individu IoT paling berpengaruh. [Newspaper] (2019)

It's never too late to start picking up digital marketing skills. [Newspaper] (2020)

Jaga kualiti produk. [Newspaper] (2018)

KPDNHEP, MKN bincang benarkan lebih banyak sektor perniagaan beroperasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kerajaan sasar penjimatan RM6 bilion belanja mengurus. [Newspaper] (2022)

Let employers negotiate salary reduction – SME Sabah. [Newspaper] (2020)

MEDAC gesa usahawan ambil peluang pelbagai bantuan, insentif kerajaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

MTDC bantu tingkat sistem pendigitalan pengusaha PKS. [Newspaper] (2021)

Macroeconomic stability drives Malaysia's economic growth. [Newspaper] (2020)

Making gifting easier. [Newspaper] (2021)

Malaysia dijangka terima pelaburan lebih tinggi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Malaysia more resilient than many countries: World Bank. [Newspaper] (2020)

Malaysian economy recovery strong but uneven, says AMRO. [Newspaper] (2020)

Malaysian small businesses investing in technology, creating jobs. [Newspaper] (2018)

"Many unknowns" in Malaysia's economic outlook. [Newspaper] (2021)

Maqis: Proxy firms can import frozen meat. [Newspaper] (2021)

Ministry works with entrepreneur to develop Mesej – Ewon. [Newspaper] (2019)

Model perniagaan MR DIY berdaya tahan. [Newspaper] (2021)

More accountants needed to enhance financial literacy among people. [Newspaper] (2017)

MyDIGITAL: Penyertaan sektor swasta amat penting. [Newspaper] (2021)

NST Leader: Modern markets should be the norm. [Newspaper] (2020)

Niaga secara berkumpulan. [Newspaper] (2021)

PFS 2021 galak siswazah ceburi perniagaan francais. [Newspaper] (2021)

PKP: Pertimbang bantuan kewangan kepada peniaga terjejas. [Newspaper] (2021)

PUNB akan perkenal skim untuk individu diberhentikan kerja. [Newspaper] (2021)

Padang Besar Pavilion rancakkan ekonomi Perlis. [Newspaper] (2021)

Penting merancang kewangan elak muflis. [Newspaper] (2021)

Perniagaan di Malaysia perlu ubah strategi: PM. [Newspaper] (2019)

Petronas CEO Wan Zulkiflee : Multiple strategies needed in current business landscape. [Newspaper] (2019)

Preparing undergraduates for the workplace. [Newspaper] (2019)

Prudential appoints new CEO for life business in Malaysia. [Newspaper] (2021)

RM1.25 bln petroleum sales tax collected from Petronas so far. [Newspaper] (2021)

RM10 billion glass factory to be built in Sabah. [Newspaper] (2021)

Retail financing to help Malaysia's Islamic banks withstand Covid-19 disruptions. [Newspaper] (2020)

SME Sabah seeks govt intervention. [Newspaper] (2021)

SMEs, cooperatives to drive halal sector. [Newspaper] (2021)

#TECH: Digitalisation no longer an option for businesses. [Newspaper] (2021)

TH perkenal khidmat online. [Newspaper] (2020)

Terpaksa tukar strategi perniagaan demi kelangsungan hidup. [Newspaper] (2021)

Transport sector set for major changes beginning 2020. [Newspaper] (2019)

UiTM Malaysia and UNESA Indonesia initiate the Trans-Border Research Collaboration. [Newspaper] (2021)

UiTM Perak Collaborates with Malaysian Industry Partners. [Newspaper] (2021)

UiTM discusses challenges of halal supply chain sustainability post Covid 19. [Newspaper] (2021)

Usahawan digalak promosi produk secara dalam talian. [Newspaper] (2020)

Why the 11.11 effect is important for local e-commerce and businesses. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

Wira Capital buka peluang kepada usahawan PKS kembang perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Key economics indicators point to Malaysia's recovery uptrend. [Newspaper] (2020)

"Not enough audit firms to serve Malaysian capital market". [Newspaper] (2021)

Captive insurance market still underexplored. [Newspaper] (2017)

Bon,sukuk tempatan kekal aset pelaburan menarik. [Newspaper] (2019)

Legal system should not be undermined. [Newspaper] (2020)

3 teras Pelan Tindakan Keusahawanan IPT 2021-2025. [Newspaper] (2021)

Aktiviti perkilangan mulai meningkat separuh kedua 2020. [Newspaper] (2021)

Enam sektor permintaan tinggi peluang pekerjaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

PUNB perkenal sistem e-mohon bagi pembiayaan perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2022)

Tunggakan hutang dijangka meningkat selepas moratorium. [Newspaper] (2021)

Reboot now: perubahan bukan sekadar adaptasi, tetapi demi kemajuan perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2022)

Malaysia's top 3 ESG banks outperform KL finance index, says HLIB. [Newspaper] (2021)

OdaMakan pelawa guna aplikasi promosi produk. [Newspaper] (2020)

Black Swan of the financial market. [Newspaper] (2020)

Is digital finance the new face of financial services? [Newspaper] (2021)

Brands use social media to stay in touch with people. [Newspaper] (2020)

Focus Dynamics, Brahim's tubuh projek dapur digital. [Newspaper] (2020)

Lotus's Malaysia perkukuh jualan dalam talian. [Newspaper] (2021)

Maxis bantu perniagaan percepat pendigitalan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nokia lantik Mohd Rauf sebagai Pengarah Urusan barunya. [Newspaper] (2021)

UOB ambil alih perniagaan pengguna Citigroup. [Newspaper] (2022)

Budget 2021: 'Malaysia on path to economic recovery'. [Newspaper] (2020)

Economists expect an expansionary budget. [Newspaper] (2021)

Malaysia to grow 5.6pct in 2022, says HSBC. [Newspaper] (2022)

Malaysian businesses, brands & entrepreneurs honoured at BBEA 2021. [Newspaper] (2021)

World's largest sovereign fund invests in 145 Malaysia-listed firms. [Newspaper] (2021)

Making our own goods for global market is the way to go. [Newspaper] (2021)

Belia negara ini mula celik urus kewangan peribadi. [Newspaper] (2021)

MDEC manfaat modal insan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Malaysia catat kenaikan 300%. [Newspaper] (2021)

Perlu bijak pilih portfolio pelaburan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Innovation, creativity key drivers make students more employable in 21st century. [Newspaper] (2016)

Pemudah cara usahawan DesaMall@KPLB. [Newspaper] (2021)

Laws and ordinances ensure expediency. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kelantan peruntuk RM20 juta bantu peniaga IKS terjejas Covid-19. [Newspaper] (2021)

Knowing how to manage money will lessen financial anxiety. [Newspaper] (2020)

Pengiklanan digital beri impak positif dalam pemasaran ketika PKP. [Newspaper] (2021)

Fareha ceburi perniagaan emas. [Newspaper] (2021)

'Compel insurance firms to cover Covid-19 treatment'. [Newspaper] (2021)

E-wages system to monitor salary payments by employers. [Newspaper] (2021)

Perakaunan akruan tingkat pengurusan kewangan sektor awam. [Newspaper] (2018)

Strategi pemasaran kreatif pulih sektor pelancongan. [Newspaper] (2020)

Innovation to steer timber revival. [Newspaper] (In Press) (2021)

LIAM urges Malaysians to get life insurance coverage. [Newspaper] (2020)

New arena for companies. [Newspaper] (2016)

793 permohonan layak terima geran padanan digitalisasi PKS. [Newspaper] (2021)

#Showbiz: Rizalman assists food entrepreneurs, families hard hit by MCO. [Newspaper] (2021)

Insurance industry regulatory supervision must be supported by more experts: BNM governor. [Newspaper] (2017)

'Property investments at risk'. [Newspaper] (2016)

Teach young financial management. [Newspaper] (2020)

Malaysia's strong economic fundamentals will sustain robust growth. [Newspaper] (2018)

New system to tap creative, critical thinking among students. [Newspaper] (2020)

Proposed commercial development law may be incorporated into current housing Act. [Newspaper] (2020)

IMF gives thumbs up for M'sia's macroeconomic policies. [Newspaper] (2017)

Islamic finance: 'Meaningful narrative needed'. [Newspaper] (2017)

New law set to change how business is done. [Newspaper] (2015)

MONEY THOUGHTS: Retirement: My blueprint for financial freedom. [Newspaper] (2020)

MONEY THOUGHTS: The Fs of financial planning. [Newspaper] (2020)

Nilai jualan produk buatan Malaysia meningkat. [Newspaper] (2020)

Peniaga dan penjaja kecil disaran teroka platform digital. [Newspaper] (2020)

A smarter system. [Newspaper] (2018)

Sabah to push local entrepreneurs' transition into digital business. [Newspaper] (2020)

Industri hotel perlukan bantuan khas. [Newspaper] (2021)

Prestasi keseluruhan sektor pengeluaran adalah lemah pada 2H2020. [Newspaper] (2021)

Lower productivity, lack of contact are issues of concern for employer, employee. [Newspaper] (2020)

Many can't achieve the five levels in hierarchy of financial needs. [Newspaper] (2020)

Pelanggan Lotus's boleh bayar guna ShopeePay. [Newspaper] (2021)

Peniaga ketinggalan kerana jahil ilmu media sosial. [Newspaper] (2019)

Putting the 'human' back in human resources. [Newspaper] (2019)

#TECH: tech industry sees positive impact from Budget 2021. [Newspaper] (2020)

Protect affected companies. [Newspaper] (2020)

Sokong pasar jenama tempatan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Human Resources practitioners play a vital role today. [Newspaper] (2017)

The problem of unemployment during and after MCO. [Newspaper] (2019)

Fahami risiko dalam pelaburan. [Newspaper] (2021)

i-Sinar selamatkan perniagaan piza. [Newspaper] (2021)

DNeX, UiTM team up to undertake IT research. [Newspaper] (2019)

Government agencies go digital to improve operational efficiency and user productivity. [Newspaper] (2020)

Biar kreatif bina untung. [Newspaper] (2021)

More transparent and effective. [Newspaper] (2018)

Transport sector set for major changes beginning 2020. [Newspaper] (2019)

Succession planning is vital for Malaysian family-run companies. [Newspaper] (2019)

A stronger macroeconomy. [Newspaper]

Urus kewangan kerajaan berkesan tingkat akauntabiliti. [Newspaper] (2019)

Semangat belia ceburi bisnes. [Newspaper] (2021)

Melabur mampu kembangkan simpanan. [Newspaper] (2016)

UiTM Holdings partners Ingress Corp to mark its RE commercial sector debut. [Newspaper] (2021)

SC introduces framework for Digital Investment Management services. [Newspaper] (2017)

Make the economy great again, please! [Newspaper] (2020)

Tepis mitos dan ketahui kepentingan 'cloud' untuk perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

PPHP bantu petani pasarkan produk. [Newspaper] (2021)

Program Dmagia Use bantu orang ramai ceburi perniagaan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Hutang, diam dan muflis. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kempen Selangor E-Bazar Raya jana RM1 bilion. [Newspaper] (2021)

BOXO tukar cabang niaga. [Newspaper] (2021)

1 Juta Usahawan PKS mikro Dapat Manfaat GKP 4.0. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nilai 50 hartawan terkaya Malaysia melonjak. [Newspaper] (2021)

Retraining workers in the age of automation. [Newspaper] (2020)

Minimise stress by balancing emotions, work pressure. [Newspaper] (2020)

URUS giat dilaksanakan industri perbankan, AKPK. [Newspaper] (2021)

Bisnes e-dagang buat duit. [Newspaper] (2021)

Khai serius ceburi bisnes. [Newspaper] (2021)

Kepimpinan berkualiti resepi kejayaan organisasi. [Newspaper] (2021)

Rezeki gubahan Juliana. [Newspaper] (2021)

What entrepreneurs should know when raising funds post-Covid-19. [Newspaper] (2021)

Creating a healthy workplace. [Newspaper] (2018)

Malaysian Bar: The country needs Covid-19 law. [Newspaper] (2020)

UiTM cipta peluang ekonomi hasil penyelidikan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Toolkit: How to run a successful social media marketing strategy. [Newspaper] (2020)

RM300 Juta Untuk Pendigitalan PMKS, PKS. [Newspaper] (2021)

K-ekonomi kunci tingkat daya saing perniagaan elak ketinggalan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nurturing productive employees. [Newspaper] (2019)

Government urged to table Covid-19 bill to save retail, services and manufacturing sectors. [Newspaper] (2020)

Insurance associations pledge RM8 million to Covid-19 test fund. [Newspaper] (2020)

Umno proposes new economic model based on economic patriotism. [Newspaper] (2021)

Malaysia aims to be a regional leader in the digital economy by 2030. [Newspaper] (2021)

Syed Mokhtar’s stake in Media Prima: a strategic business but also political move, say pundits. [Newspaper] (2019)

Work Matters! A sense of togetherness. [Newspaper] (2020)

Work Matters! Personal reflections for work. [Newspaper] (2021)

HR Ministry: Workers rights protection on par with int'l standards. [Newspaper] (2019)

MEF: IRA amendments will affect industrial relations. [Newspaper] (2019)

Support digitalisation to strengthen business integrity. [Newspaper] (2020)

Beban liabiliti antara punca golongan muda sukar menyimpan. [Newspaper] (2021)

Semua sektor peruncitan boleh dibuka semula. [Newspaper] (2021)

Demand for soft skills in the workplace. [Newspaper] (2019)

Emerging job trends. [Newspaper] (2020)

MACC enforces corporate liability law today. [Newspaper] (2020)

Marketing in digital space. [Newspaper] (2017)

Professional qualifications: careers to take into account. [Newspaper] (2014)

We're helping Malaysia thrive in financial technology. [Newspaper] (2019)

Unimas guna Triz selesai masalah. [Newspaper] (2019)

Kerajaan negeri meterai MoU bersama UiTM Cawangan Sabah bantu perkasa IKS Sabah. [Newspaper] (2021)

MYSay: Covid-19 calls for overhaul of HR, workplace practices and the need for chief health officers. [Newspaper] (2020)

Five more platforms for i-Invest. [Newspaper] (2020)

Sejuta perniagaan berisiko tutup. [Newspaper] (2021)

How to resolve govt communication weaknesses. [Newspaper] (2019)

Boom in accounting, finance jobs. [Newspaper] (2014)

Social media marketing lessons for growth. [Newspaper] (2019)

Making the workplace 'human'. [Newspaper] (2016)

Bijak urus belanjawan peribadi, bersedia hadapi hari tua. [Newspaper] (2021)

Now's the time to go into business. [Newspaper] (2020)

FUTURE PROOF: Teach yourself social media marketing. [Newspaper] (2020)

Refund refusal: New law to deal with businesses. [Newspaper] (2020)

CTOS to incorporate 'score' system to aid insurance companies with better risk-based information. [Newspaper] (2017)

Economic stimulus package necessary to ensure growth. [Newspaper] (2020)

Institutional fund managers should review its investment strategies. [Newspaper] (2020)

Malaysia's GDP revised downward to 4.5 pct for 2020: World Bank. [Newspaper] (2019)

Malaysia's economy to grow 6.0pct in 2021, oil & ringgit to strengthen: UOB. [Newspaper] (2020)

Return to Finance Ministry's fold? [Newspaper] (2020)

Strong demand helps Islamic asset management retain resiliency, says Moody's. [Newspaper] (2020)

Insurance industry has huge growth in Malaysia: EPF. [Newspaper] (2019)

Budget with 3 thrusts. [Newspaper] (2017)

Inisiatif PENJANA bantu perniagaan kekalkan operasi. [Newspaper] (2020)

Kadar inflasi meningkat 2.0 peratus pada Ogos. [Newspaper] (2021)

Maxis perkasa usahawan wanita luar bandar. [Newspaper] (2021)

Nilai semula model perniagaan hadapi cabaran luar jangka. [Newspaper] (2021)

PKP beri kesan jualan PROTON pada Januari. [Newspaper] (2021)

Shell Malaysia dipilih majikan paling menarik. [Newspaper] (2021)

Data, kecerdasan digital sebagai nadi ekonomi digital. [Newspaper] (2021)

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